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As we begin to fill the site with all sorts of fun guides and info, we figured it was time to celebrate with our first official giveaway! Much like Disney Infinity Codes, we love to give away awesome stuff to the fans. We haven’t exactly figured out a schedule for the giveaways yet but they will likely be bi-weekly, depending on the time of year… maybe more frequently!

Past Winners

03/11/2016 | Ghostbusters Level Pack – Jedi Jac
02/22/2016 | Doc Brown Fun Pack – Josh F. 

Current Giveaway

Our next giveaway is getting a little spooky with a Midway Arcade Level Pack!


This level pack includes:

  • Gamer Kid Mini Fig
  • Arcade Machine
  • G-6155 Spy Hunter

Help save the world with your super 8-bit powers! Unlock awesome mini games through the Arcade Machine! Use the Gamer Kid’s full assortment of powers to beat down the bad guys and help save the day!

Enter This Lego Dimensions Giveaway using the Gleam Tool below!

Midway Arcade Level Pack Giveaway

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  • Galen

    Is the giveaway restricted to a specific country?

    • Daniel Becker


      • BenTen

        Hi Daniel! I follow both your websites. The Zooropia Power Diac Pack is great! Is there a chance you will make a Skylanders website and giveaway?

  • Kelly Hysell

    Bricks to Life Forever

  • Harry David

    Is there any way I can get a notification when I can do my daily bonus entry again?

  • hendrik ojamets

    how many packs are there?

  • Carl

    Who won?

    • 909090

      Look up

      • Carl

        That question was posted before it was revealed who won.

  • John Bertolami

    Love it. Can’t wait to play with my son!!!

  • Tom

    Doing the maths, I have a 1.09% chance of winning with 34 entries.

  • Tami blackroze


  • Daniel lopez

    im from mexico

  • Haroon

    How do you know if you won the Midway Giveaway? Do you get a message on Gmail or email?