Green Arrow Minifigure Giveaway!

It’s time for Bricks To Life to give away another Green Arrow Lego Dimensions Minifigure from E3! The exclusive figure available only to folks who visit 2016 summer conventions can be a little tricky to get your hands on, but we have one and we look forward to giving it away!

Green Arrow Minifigure Giveaway

Green Arrow comes on the new golden base which grants players access to the DC Comics World battle arena! His figure comes alone in a polybag with no vehicle. Lego Dimensions has teased that there will be more chances to get the figure later in the year, so keep an eye out!

Enter below for your chance to win our next Green Arrow Minifigure Giveaway!

Green Arrow Lego Dimensions Minifigure

Make sure to check back often as we add more ways for you to enter!

You can learn more about our giveaways by checking out our official giveaway page!

Thanks to all the people who participated in our first giveaway! The winner of that giveaway is:

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  • Ryan Slop

    I really want the 2nd green arrow hopefully I can win the 2nd one

  • cj2621

    green arrow is my fav tv show and superhero i really hope i can win

  • MackemSLAM

    Is this how I enter?

  • Neal Heatherly

    The Green Arrow Gameplay video doesn’t seem to be embedded.

  • jeroen klugt

    Lego Dimensions are addictive,

    you want to collect them, and like a 10 year old play with them again 🙂
    Lego is really for 4 to 104 and above 🙂

  • Isaiah l. Hyatt

    I hope that I win I was sick so I had to miss the E3 , but good luck to people in this giveaway. Badwolf

  • Xavier johnson

    I had to miss it really hope I could get green arrow and your twitter looks really I followed you

  • Xavier johnson

    How many entries do you guys have

    • Christopher Canul

      I have 13 entries right now, you?

  • Christopher Canul

    Okay, this Green Arrow will be MINE!

  • Carole Donald

    The link to add it to Pinterest isn’t working for me. I get an error message that says, “Parameter ‘image_url’ (value https:undefined) is not a valid URL format.”

  • Tony

    Im just thankful this experience exists!! Lego Dimensions is fantastic and im excited for year 2!!

  • Josh Smih

    I would love to have his charecor. My mom is in the hospital and my daddy is mean to me. so i think that this charector will give me somthing to smile about

  • Achi Yamamoto

    I want it.

  • coronaprince

    Cool! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  • michael powers

    i would love to win one of these green arrow figures

  • Jamie Lama

    So when do you find out if you’ve won one? Do they send it through post or something?

  • Ryan

    Hi i want this character so bad to continue my collection of characters

  • Nightslayer

    So who won the contest?

  • Emirikol

    Does you know what will happends with the Supergirl set? Will be any possibility to get one? I have seen just one on eBay but I have no idea how to get it.

  • Johnny

    Not me apparently lols although I’ve been looking everywhere for one of him lols and I’m not about to piss money away on EBay, oh well crap happens lols