Hellboy Lego Dimensions Easter Egg!

Lego Dimensions is full of all sorts of awesome easter eggs and we are finding new ones all the time! A few weeks ago we uncovered an awesome Portal 2 easter egg that was hidden for well over a year!

Some of Dimensions’ easter eggs take us to awesome new areas featuring popular franchises that we’ve never seen in a Lego Game before, while others drop quick references to fan favorite characters. Playing through the Fantastic Beasts Story Pack offers up one of those blink and you’ll miss it character references.


Start the Demiguise Double Cross Level of Fantastic Beasts and head down to the bottom corner of the bar where you’ll find a Lantern Construct trigger. Usually these spots create some pretty stock items like a crowbar, hammer, or missile but this Lantern Construct is an exception.

Hellboy Lego Dimensions

Summon up the powers of the Red Lantern Corp and you will create a giant fist to smash up the band’s stage. That giant fist is none other than the Right Hand Of Doom! The iconic stone fist of everyone’s favorite demonic superhero Hellboy.

Hellboy Lego Dimensions

Check out our video to see the first in action and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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