Hermione Gameplay Highlight Video From Harry Potter Celebration!

The Harry Potter Celebration is into it’s second night at Universal Studios Orlando and the evening events included a first look at the upcoming Hermione Fun Pack! An awesome introduction for the smart young witch into the Wizarding World gang. The Hermione Fun Pack will be available at all retailers come March 21st in Wave 8! Watch the video below!


The video highlight reel showed off all her abilities and gave us a great look at Buckbeak in action! We also got a short peek at her Battle Arena (a day time variant of the Quidditch pitch?). Take a peek at the video taken right from the event below!

UPDATE! Here is the same video released on the Wizarding World’s Youtube Page! Looks so good!

Check out more Hermione Fun Pack info & images here!

Huge thanks once again to Lauren for her awesome quick reflexes and grabbing this video!

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

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