Hermione Minifigure Review & Close Up

Last week we shared the Sloth figure from the Goonies Level Pack that we got our hands on early, and now we have our hands on another Wave 8 figure, Hermione! Like Sloth this is just the LEGO minifigure only and doesn’t include the toy tag base. Even though we don’t have the full Hermione Fun Pack to unbox for you it was still pretty great getting a nice close look at the figure.

Here is a quick video review we made, scroll down for a few close up photos and our thoughts!

Hermione Minifigure Gallery Close Up

Overall the figure is quite lovely and despite what the majority of the community has expressed we love the casual clothing / outfit taken from the Deathly Hallows. There is some great printing on the front and back of the body of the figure outlining some nice details of the jacket / hoodie combo.


Her hair has been a big issue for a lot of fans, more specifically the hair color. Most fans of the Harry Potter series say her hair is way too bright and needs to be quite a bit darker. What we did was put her and Newt’s minifigure side by side to get a nice comparison and their hair pieces are the same shade. Perhaps it’s just a matter of a limited color palette that LEGO is working with?


Regardless of the hair color, the detailing on the hair piece is lovely, the braided design is a really nice touch.

lego dimensions hermione minifigure harry potter fun pack

Plus she has an alternate face which can take Hermione from being fun and happy to grumpy and super serious!

lego dimensions hermione minifigure harry potter fun pack

Overall we think it’s a really nice figure and we can’t wait to get her in game!

lego dimensions hermione minifigure harry potter fun pack

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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