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Hey LEGO Game fans! This past year has seen our little site of Bricks To Life grow pretty rapidly and with that we are in need of some help! With the release of several new LEGO titles this holiday season, combined with a ton of other stuff I am working on, I am going to need some help writing game guides!

We are looking to add one or two writers to the site to help quickly cultivate mini walkthroughs of the core game levels and open world areas that make up LEGO Games in addition to secret characters, easter eggs, ect. (and what ever other LEGO Digital Content you want to cover!)

You can see examples of the sort of stuff I am looking to hire writers for here:






The goal is to have level & adventure world guides written as quickly after the game releases as possible. You wont need to necessarily record or stream any gameplay, as we’ve partnered with Youtuber channels like JayShockBlast & PackAttack04082. I’ve been using their gameplay videos and hosting them on our site with guides.


While we aren’t raking in the cash here at Bricks To Life, we still want you to be compensated for your time so we will pick up a copy of the game for our writers plus a small stipend for the content they write. We are totally in this for the love of LEGO Games, not for making lots of money.

If you want to apply for a spot writing check the requirements below and then drop me an email by filling out the form!

  • Current Gen Game Console (Xbox One, PS4, Switch or PC)
  • Over the age of 16
  • Game Guide / General Writing Experience
  • WordPress Experience
  • A love for LEGO Games!

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

Daniel is the owner of BricksToLife.com & DisneyInfinityCodes.com - He's also a full time dad and husband, lover of the puppetry arts (you can find his puppetry podcast on iTunes: Getting Felt Up - A Puppetry Podcast with Dan & Nate) and has been playing video games since he was an infant.

  • Relatively Average

    But Lego Dimensions is being cancelled. You’ll have nothing left to discuss on your site…why would you need more writers?

    • Daniel Becker


      • Relatively Average

        Just sayin’.

        • Daniel Becker

          Please dont come here with comments like this that are intentionally written to stir up trouble. You know I cover all LEGO game content.

          • Relatively Average

            Part of that comment was serious though. You’ll have one less game(and your main one at that) to discuss. That leaves whatever future Lego games are out there. Wouldn’t that mean less work overall? By needing more writers, you are saying you are unable to cope with the current workload, as well as the decreased workload after Dimensions is cancelled. Why would you need more writers?

          • Daniel Becker

            Because this is one of several projects I actively work on, and for games like Ninjago that I am very under informed about it would be helpful to have someone who loves the show in and out. Dimensions content was incredibly easy to produce as it was released sparingly and over many months. When a new LEGO game drops like LMSH2 there is a HUGE amount of content that needs to be created. I have a real job, a family, and three other sites I maintain. It is a lot to do at once.

      • Hannah

        Is Lego dimensions stopping making!?!?

  • Andrew Stokes

    I would love to write. There is still so much to write about LEGO Dimensions.

    • Andrew Stokes

      I have applied. I am still here, able to write, if needed.

  • Matthew

    I do not fit the age requirements but have been playing lego video games since the first Indiana Jones came out. Is the age requirement due to child labor laws or due to personal choice, because if you would be willing to consider someone very slightly below the age limit than I would love to help write game guides.

  • Jasocorp

    Daniel, I just want to reach out and let you know that I’ve seen quite a few negative comments towards the various LEGO coverage you’ve put up over the past weeks. This negativity is completely unwarranted. I, as well as many others I’m sure, enjoy the kind of work you do and put out for us to read. I may not always stop in to comment, but please know that I really enjoy your updates. I originally found this site because of Dimensions, but have enjoyed it enough to continue visiting for future LEGO updates down the road.

    Don’t let any naysayers get to you. I really like this site and it’s content and look forward to the future coverage!

    • Jasocorp

      I also want to clarify that there has not been a *lot* of negative comments, just more than there needs to be. We all come here for free to read you and the other writers work. There should be zero negativity.

  • Poolboy

    …and there’s trouble ^^

    • Relatively Average


  • Relatively Average

    Again, the reply button disappeared above.

    Replying to previous comment chain: You have some fair points, and I respect them. But, I still disapprove of this whole way of doing things. I do have one more question, and I do not say this sarcastically: what about the name of the site? It is named after Dimensions, but when Dimensions end, does that mean the site name will change? If not, it would be sort of an “outdated” name.