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Now that LEGO Worlds is available I’ve seen a few people ask about how to download the LEGO Agents pack (on PS4) or any future DLC that will become available. To help we put together a quick video detailing how to access the DLC download menu and we’ve written out a small guide which you can read below.

After you’ve downloaded the DLC the items and characters will appear in your Discoveries inventory and will be ready for you to play with immediately, no stud purchase required.

LEGO Worlds DLC Guide

Watch the video here or check out our guide below!

To access the download menu the best and easiest way is to just freshly load the game and start up from a save file. This will take you to the main menu screen where you have options like Start Game or Join Game.


You’ll notice one of the options should have a “NEW” icon under it, that is the DLC pack option.


Scroll over to it and simply click it and BOOM you’ve got the latest and greatest in DLC.

If you want to verify that you’ve got the new packs, the game makes it super easy for you. Upon the next load into any of the worlds you’ll be instantly hit with a list of new characters and vehicles added to your Discoveries page.


From there you can pull out your Discovery tool and start dropping in any of the DLC items or switch out your character from the Customization tool to any of the new skins you’ve just unlocked!


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  • Matt

    Does PC version have different DLC? I thought there were others besides Lego Agents.

    • Spandex

      There is no dlc released yet for pc

  • Disgruntled Xbox LEGO Fan

    Xbox has No Agents DLC or Space DLC, and supposedly the Space DLC was to be released july 5th….hmmmm now 2 dlc we’re missing out on

  • Darrick Compton

    I have the swich and there is no space dlc

  • Dan

    How do you download and play Jungle Explorers on Xbox One? My lil guy been waiting on it and we cant figure it out. Please help, SOMEBODY

  • HSR

    Special agent pack, cant seem to find. Do you need PS Plus subscription?. Played game until i got 10 gold bricks but still no option. Only shows Space Pack for $5.95. Game did do update to 1.06 so not sure where to go from here, kids are nagging please help

  • Zachary

    Its not wokering for me plz give the dlc plz😢

  • Tyler

    Grat. thenks I’ve been wondering for a while. I’ll be using this website for now on