Inside LEGO #038 – Wave 8 and Marvel Super Heroes 2

Hey all! I’m the new face around here so I guess that I should introduce myself. My name is Lloyd Hannesson and I’m one of the hosts of the Inside LEGO Podcast. We started this show in April 2015 to talk about the upcoming LEGO Dimensions game, and we have have been covering it ever since. Since then we’ve changed the focus to cover all things LEGO gaming, and we recently partnered with Bricks To Life as the official podcast partner ™.

Starting with this episode we will be posting each new episode of Inside LEGO here as well! We record our show every 2 to 3 weeks, or whenever any huge LEGO game new drops. We stream these recordings live on our Twitch account, so you can join us and become part of the show. Your hosts: Will Kelley, Daniel Becker and I are all extremely excited for the future of LEGO games, and we hope that you will come along with us on the ride.

We have a great show for you this week on the Inside LEGO Podcast! Wave 8 has been released so Daniel and Lloyd run down the sets and show off all of the new minifigs and minibuilds. We also talk about what Wave 9 *should* consist of, talk about a possibly cancelled figure, chat about E3 then dig into LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2! Enjoy the show!

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Written by: Lloyd Hannesson

Lloyd has been podcasting about his love of video games since early 2005! He is currently the host of the Inside LEGO, DeREZD, Nintendo Pulse and Retro Pulse podcasts on the network!

  • Relatively Average

    So first, on your other article, you tell myself and at least two other people that we have a fair argument about the Lego Ninjago Movie game. Now, in this video, you slam us completely about how crazy and stupid we are! What the heck?

    • Daniel Becker

      No, you have been polite and level headed. I got into two large arguments on social media about it that got really really heated and left me heated. (They were ultimately removed by the people who started them). Didn’t mean to imply you here in the comments. Sorry about that.

      • Relatively Average

        Okay, I assumed you were talking about myself and two others who were on the original Ninjago Movie game post you made on this site.

  • Todd

    Is the Ninjsgo game going to be on the Wii U or just the Nintendo switch like superheroes to was going to be. I’m sick of investing in the video game system just to have him stop making the Lego games for them. Please let me know.

    • Relatively Average

      It’s Nintendo. What do you expect?

  • Relatively Average

    Was Lego Marvel 2 the “Sequel to a popular franchise from a few years back” you kept talking about?


    There to have to cancel Lego dimensions for 2 other (leaked) games really!?
    Maybe Year 3 may happen…but TT Games never kept there promise for LEGO Dimensions!?

    • Relatively Average

      @Lego_Fan: Remember Lego The Hobbit? That is the only reason I was ever doubtful of their promise.

      • @LEGO_FAN

        Yes! Didn’t they cancel that DLC

  • Sean Lindsay

    Hi Lloyd, my name is Sean, I have been listening and subscribed to the Inside Lego podcast since it’s started and I absolutely love the content talked about, whether its Lego Worlds or Dimensions (which I personally hate to see end) its a fantastic podcast for lego fans of all ages! keep up
    the great work! 10/10