Inside LEGO #041 – Wave 9 Review + Ninjago

Edit: Video link fixed -LH
Dan and Lloyd are back at it! In this episode they give their review of all of the Wave 9 LEGO Dimensions packs. Is this a fitting (possible) end to the game? What are the hits and misses in this wave? After that we briefly talk about LEGO Worlds on the Nintendo Switch and then get into some bries LEGO Ninjago Movie the Videogame talk. You can expect a full review of the game in the next episode of the show. Enjoy!

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Written by: Lloyd Hannesson

Lloyd has been podcasting about his love of video games since early 2005! He is currently the host of the Inside LEGO, DeREZD, Nintendo Pulse and Retro Pulse podcasts on the network!

  • Relatively Average

    I’m not sure, but I think you put the wrong episode in the video. Seems to be the same as the last episode, and LNM game is being described as not currently available.

    • Yeah, that was my fault. I included the embed for the last episode here. Sorry about that! It’s been fixed and I smacked my hand with a ruler to learn me not to do that again 🙂

      • Relatively Average

        LOL, accidents happen.

  • Brett Knutson

    Even though this is about to come to an end I would love to see them release DLC’s just to expand on the playability of this game. Like you said, games in the future will not have this mash up.

  • Relatively Average

    I think the idea with Powerpuff was to enable the player to have all three characters on the stand and in the game at the same time. It was also to produce 3 physical minifigures instead of just one.

  • Bob

    Even though LEGO Dimensions seems to be ending (or over) will you guys continue to make the lists for Dimensions deals?