Jungle Explorers DLC For LEGO Worlds Available Now!

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A new batch of awesome Brick Build Showcase DLC is available now, taking you deep into the Jungles of LEGO Worlds! Make sure you hop into the game soon to start your new expedition with great new builds, and some new characters!

lego worlds jungle explorer dlc

Included in the Brick Build Showcase are four new builds packed with new items and characters to discover! Each build is releasing one at a time each Thursday in August, with two already available!

Check out all four below with their release dates:

Jungle Camp – August 3rd

Three tents surround a camp fire where you’ll make camp as you explore the deep jungles.

lego worlds jungle explorer dlc

Jungle Temple Ruins – August 10th

An old plane crash and mystery temple ruins await your close exploration!

lego worlds jungle explorer dlc


Dino Transport Cage – August 17th

Keep all your dinos safe and sound in this lovely enclosure!


Dino Discovery Site – August 24th

Something big is stomping around in this jungle!

lego worlds jungle explorer dlc

The official trailer which just dropped today for the new DLC can be watched here:

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • TheBrickster

    Are those dates right?

    Still no Dino Transport Cage or Dino Discovery Site on the PS4.

  • wayne

    Yeah- Lego has not addressed the issue about the last 2 sets. People keep asking why they are not showing up and it’s like the sound of crickets because they won’t answer on Facebook.

  • Dragongrate

    Nothing on Xbox One either.

  • BTHRZeroX

    It is now Nov 8th 2017 and still no Dino Transport Cage or Dino Discovery Site on the PS4