LEAKED: LEGO Watchmen Video Game Teaser

Just shy of a week from the big reveal of LEGO The Incredibles Video Game, the next exciting LEGO video game title has been leaked… LEGO Watchmen: The Video Game.

The leaked image, given to us from a reputable source that works closely with LEGO Games, seems to be taken from the end title of an upcoming teaser trailer announcing the game. Still months ahead of E3 we’re not sure when the title was ultimately going to be teased or revealed.


Keeping with tradition of rotating between Marvel & DC games, this new title pulls inspiration directly from the incredibly popular DC Comics graphic novel Watchmen. From the cover art of the game, it looks like the game is pulling inspiration from both the original graphic novel, and the 2009 film adaption.

With the upcoming reboot of the franchise in the form of an HBO TV series & the popular new cross over event Doomsday Clock comic series… this new LEGO game title is dropping at a perfect time.



We became aware of this new game after an accidental pre order link dropped on Amazon.ca late in the night and was quickly taken down. Doing some digging and asking around the shared image above was sent to us, confirming the title is in the works.

lego watchmen title leaked

With such a graphic story we are interested in seeing how they tone down the violence and make it more family friendly. But hey, if they could do it with Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones & Pirates… I am sure the violence will be glossed over with some silly LEGO gags.

Let us know what you think of this upcoming DC LEGO title in the comments below!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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