LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Code Guide! Find Any Minifigure!

Earlier this year when the Disney LEGO Minifigures came out we put together a quick helpful guide to help collectors find their favorite characters inside the blind bags. That post was super popular so we thought we’d do it again but this time for the new LEGO Batman Movie minifigure bags! With the movie releasing this weekend we’re sure you’re going to have one or two of these hilarious characters you’re going to want to add to your LEGO lineup.


Disclaimer: These Blind Bag codes may not match yours exactly, bubbles and bumps in the packaging might be confusing and there is a chance they bumps on the bag weren’t properly stamped. We tested these codes at three different stores and had tons of success. With every character we’ll also include our top tip for feeling the character inside the bag!

How To Use The Codes

lego batman movie minifigure code bump secret guide

On the bottom of the bag, in the sealed strip, when looked at in just the right light you can make out tiny little dimples or bumps pressed into the bag. These bumps help you decipher which figure is which inside the bag.

It can be tricky to make out in photos or video those tiny dots, so what we did was lay a post it note under the bag, mark the center flap and then copied the dot locations in an easier to read format!

LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Code Guide & Unboxing Video

Check out our unboxing video (its a bit long as we build every one of the 20 figures) where we show off the codes for each bag! Scroll down for a full gallery & feeling tips for each character if you don’t want to watch the video!

LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Bag Codes

Here is a quick reference guide for all 20 LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures! We transcribed the bag code onto a bright and easy to read post it note. We’ll also include a tip for feeling the character in the bag if you want to double down on confirmation. Good Luck Hunting!


Reminder: These bump codes might not be perfect. Your mileage may vary… so please be cautious when hunting. Make sure you check our tip for identifying the small accessories in each bag. Remember to shake the bag up a bit to get the smaller easier to ID pieces to settle to one corner. 


Lobster Batman

The most telling piece when feeling this bag is the dinner plate, its the only pack with a large round bowl / plate like piece! As with any Batman figures, the other easy to ID piece is his helmet with it’s two pointy ear pieces!

lego batman movie minifigure code bump secret guide

Glam Metal Bat

The only minifigure in this collection to feature a guitar, a very easy piece to ID when you are feeling the bag! As noted above, you can also check that it’s Batman in the bag just by looking for the pointy ear helmet!


Fairy Batman

This is one of our favorite Batman figures from this series! When hunting for this pack the easiest tell is the smooth pliable fairy wings! You can also feel for the ruffled tutu piece which is thicker textured piece.



This pack is going to be one of the thinner lighter ones as there aren’t many pieces to it, just take your time to find and feel the huge club piece to easily ID this bag.


Vacation Batman

This is the only pack with a large doughnut like piece which sticks out very quickly when you start to feel around this bag. The inner tube piece has two pointy parts (duck head & tail) so finding him should be a breeze.

lego batman movie minifigure code bump secret guide

Barbara Gordon

Barbara’s combo hat / hair piece is very easy to feel in this bag, it’s essentially a police hat with a large pony tail. She is also only one of two characters to feature the small round lego piece, paired with the single square stud that isn’t a smooth top, Barbara is easy to find!


Commissioner Gordon

The rather smooth and rounded hair piece for Gordon combined with the walkie talkie one piece brick with the long antenna topped with a ball gives anyone searching for this pack two very easy to ID pieces.


Arkham Asylum Joker

A very simple build with few pieces, keep an eye out for the rough and pointy hair piece which should make finding the Joker pretty easy.

lego batman movie minifigure code bump secret guide

Dick Grayson

Dick is the only character to have the horn / gun topper piece for his Shark Repellent. There are other packs with guns but this piece has the rounded end so it easily stands out when feeling around for the smaller pieces.


Pink Batgirl

While there are multiple Bat hero figures in this series, there is only one with a batarang. Batgirl’s hair piece is also pretty large in this bag and the top pony tail hair style isn’t hard to find when feeling the bag.

lego batman movie minifigure code bump secret guide

Red Hood

The most obvious tip we can give you with minifigure is the giant dome piece, it’s incredibly easy to feel in the bag. He also has two tiny pistols which settle into the corner of the bags and are easy to feel out.



This is one of the easiest bags to ID in my opinion, Eraser has a the small round flat stud, the cylinder head piece and the large flat square piece of paper. Finding this minifigure should be simple!

lego batman movie minifigure code bump secret guide

Nurse Harley Quinn

Harley’s big black and red pigtail hairpiece is a dead giveaway when you grab this bag, plus the large flat “paper” piece! Put those two easy to ID pieces together and you got yourself a Harley!



This awesome minifigure has the longest, thickest piece in the entire series with the one piece head, fin & tail. Grabbing this bag it become very obvious that you’ve got Orca just from the length and shark like fine of the piece.



If you’re a fish lover, Zodiac is for you! The two sea life pieces are unique to this bag in the series, either the thick fish like club or the star shaped crab, this minifigure stands out pretty fast.



The two claws of this Batman variant are small and easy to shake to a corner. Once there you should feel the pokey prongs of the claws. Don’t confuse the textured flippers from the Vacation Batman for these claws. The big square thick utility belt is also a dead giveaway!


March Harriet

The only pack with HUGE BUNNY EARS. Theres nothing more to say here.

lego batman movie minifigure code bump secret guide

The Calculator

This bag is full of unique pieces that can easily be felt in the bag. The single square flat stud for the chest piece, the bulky chest piece, the half round visor… Plenty of pieces to spot!

lego batman movie minifigure code bump secret guide

King Tut

This ancient Egyptian baddy can be identified by his long snake headed staff, big unique hat piece and coiled snake!



The Mime has a rubbery mohawk hair piece which typically settles to the corner of the bag and can be an instant piece to spot. The large electrical weapons she has are also very unique feeling, with flat long spikes at one end and a thick handle on the other.

Let us know which of these characters are you favorite in the comments below!

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  • Infinirama616

    So I found a Pink Batgirl, but I missed on my try at a second… I somehow ended up with Vacation Batman… which was cool, and my daughter wasn’t disappointed. But I was going for the Lobster Batman for my desk at work… I abandoned the dot approach because I was certain I had found a plate… ended up being another Vacation Batman. So I have that at my desk.

    Happy hunting!

  • Tyler

    Well the Joker one is wrong or they make multiple dot versions. Because mine has an extra dot. The easiest way to see it is by looking on the other side. It’s almost completely except for the dots.

  • Gabe

    We got King Tut, however, the dimples on the blind bag don’t really coincide with the one you have shown. It’s almost as if the two dimples (there are only three on this one) were shown in reverse (the dimple pair goes in the opposite direction). Happy hunting, and thanks for doing this!

  • Brandon

    Having trouble finding Mine and Calculator. Those are the last I need, and I am starting to double and triple up on some characters.

    • Alicia

      I have a calculator if you still need it

  • Nezbot

    Apparently there are two or more variations of dot combinations and have been like that for a few blindbag sets for a while now, for example the US shipped blindbags are different from the Australian shipped blindbags.

  • Harvey K-Tel

    Yeah, as of this posting on these are incorrect. Feeling the bag instructions are very helpful. Thanks for posting and helping us that have kiddos that want that special one.

  • Denis

    Feeling the bags is the easiest way. It may take you a while but it’s worth it. I got 11 right that I needed after reading this article. Saved heaps of money. Also kids thought I had magic because I knew what was going to be in each bag…lots of fun.

  • Tracy

    I can say thanks my son and I love you for this post! I have only got one duplicate because I was certain I felt something that wasn’t there..Lol. we used the dots you posted and then felt for the iconic piece to help determine as some dots aren’t easily seen on packages! But they definitely helped narrow the field! Posting the video was help too because I could see/”feel” what pieces were solid versus two separate shapes joined together. We now own 14/20 Minifigures

  • baby-boi

    These are dead wrong. Batman is in Robin’s package

  • Vic

    Successfully completed the set! Without buying multiples of one. I didn’t use the dot method though I stand and feel the packs.
    Who’s the new character please?

  • SG

    I got three today and looked at the ends of the bag where the supposed bump codes are.
    145B6 Harley

    136B6 glam

    646B6 Harriet
    Wouldn’t it be easier looking for different numbers rather than “bumps”?

    • Nickey

      I agree. Numbers would be way easier than anything previously suggested. I randomly picked up one today that turned out to be Fairy Batman (546B6).

    • Sarah

      646B6 is also calculator

  • Ross Eilers

    235B6 is Batgirl. My boy wanted Zodiac which is virtually the same dot pattern. Now he has 2 Batgirls. Anyone know Zodiac’s bag code?

  • Andrew harris

    The arkham asylum joker minifigure head is different than the head in the arkham asylum joker that comes in the arkham asylum box set