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Once again the team behind LEGO Worlds shows that they love their fans with another fantastic free DLC featuring new “Emergency” builds from the LEGO City line up. Inspired by three newer LEGO City building sets (60104, 60110, 60141) the team again takes the physical brick builds we love and translates them perfectly into the digital LEGO world! Highlights from this DLC include vehicles with great gimmicks and new building pieces for your own creations!

Scroll down to check out each of the in game builds inspired by these great LEGO Sets! The builds if placed inside the story mode will be littered with quests for you to unlock new characters and creatures, or drop them in Sand Box mode and immediately unlock all the pieces!

Police Station

lego city emergency lego worlds dlc

Inspired by LEGO City set 60141, this set comes with a host of new wonderful vehicles including a new Police Helicopter, a slick and speedy Police Station Car, the compact and fast Police Motorcycle, and the sneaky Crook’s Truck to help criminals escape!

lego city emergency lego worlds dlc

The Crook’s Truck is particularly fun as the bucket lift on the back of the truck is fully functional! You can have all sorts of fun lifting and spinning around in the bucket as your co-op friend drives around (or you can lift up and down on your own while it’s parked).

While the game already had a Police car (hidden away with a secret code) the new Police Station Car is a bit different, though not by much. Same goes with the Police Helicopter, already in the game this build comes with a more slick and smaller helicopter without the water float landing gear.

Fire Station

lego city emergency lego worlds dlc

The Fire Station brick build is inspired by LEGO set 60110 and is full of surprises! Not only do you get an awesome set of fire fighting vehicles complete with water spraying magic, you’ll also get new firefighter characters & a fun new animal companion with a LEGO Dalmatian pup!

lego city emergency lego worlds dlc

Both the Fire Truck & the Fire Rescue Helicopter are armed with a powerful jet blast that will turn everything it touches blue and watery! With the helicopter you will be able to take to the sky and rain down watery bombs, but the Fire Truck is where all the fun is! The truck’s extendable ladder is armed with a water gun and can extend to a nice height with a wide reach.

The Fire Station itself has some fun new pieces to be discovered, including a flaming food cart parked just out front that you can use to practice putting out with your new water spraying vehicles. Make sure you have fun sliding down the fire station’s pole!

Airport Terminal & Runway

lego city emergency lego worlds dlc

The LEGO Airport Passenger Terminal building, inspired by LEGO 60104 doesn’t come with any vehicles or characters but the building design is wonderful! The tall glass walled building is topped with an even taller air traffic control tower with a lovely 360 view. The inside of the terminal is loaded with great stuff including a security metal detector, baggage check and waiting area.

The accompanying Airport Runway build is also included in the brick build menu for this DLC and is a great accessory to the terminal building. Unfortunately there currently isn’t an airplane big enough to line up with the bag check window and super sized runway but who knows what the future will bring!

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  • Infinirama

    I might have bought Worlds this weekend… I might not have played anything else…

  • sekihan

    To unlock the second police officer, you need to get rid of the shovel. He’ll ask for a truncheon in exchange for his shovel.

  • Gabriel

    How to download the dlc for PS4?

    • Daniel Becker

      There is a menu option from the home screen for online content I believe.

  • Gary jackson

    Hi all how do u git the frie station on xbox one