LEGO City Undercover Red Brick Guide

LEGO City Undercover has a ton of Red Bricks just waiting to be collected! You can find the bricks in one of two ways, by either roaming around LEGO City between missions, or during the missions / special assignments. Each of the 15 missions has it’s own red brick!

  • Bricks 1 – 22 can be found during any free roam around LEGO City.
  • Bricks 23 – 37 are found during Special Assignments. Most will require you to replay these levels later after unlocking specific costumes with abilities.
  • Bricks 38-40 are not listed in this guide because they come unlocked by default from the start of the game (3 ringtones).

Thanks to our good buddy PackAttack04082, we compiled a simple guide to all 40 Red Bricks using his very handy video guide. As you scroll down the list we included next to the location listing a timestamp that you can use to reference this video to find any specific brick you are looking for!



These Red Bricks are found while free roaming around LEGO City. You can collect these bricks at any time (provided you have the correct costume).


Brick #1: Data Scan Upgrade – City Challenges

Location: Cherry Tree Hills (0:19)

Outside the Police Station head up to the second level of the Police Station and use the Robber costume to break open Cell #3 to get this Red Brick!


Brick #2: Data Scan Upgrade – Character Challenges

Location: Auburn (0:52)

Look for two park benches near the road side with a green trash can nearby. Break the trash can to start a trail that you can follow, leading you to dig up the Red Brick.


Brick #3: Data Scan Upgrade – Red Bricks

Location: Auburn Bay Bridge (1:44)

From the middle Bridge Support, break the blue barrel to build a jumping platform that will allow you to reach the stud wall to climb up to the platform above. Run around the support beam to find a line, carefully walk out on the line until you reach the middle where you can find the red brick!


Brick #4:Data Scan Upgrade – Tokens

Location: Fort Meadows (2:21)

Get your hands on some dynamite from a vending machine then head across from the Octan gas station to find a small pile of silver boulders. Head into the cave and clear away the first pile of rocks you find to discover the hidden Red Brick!


Brick #5: Data Scan Upgrade – Clues

Location: Bluebell National Park (3:09)

Get some dynamite from the vending machine at the train station and use it to blow up the silver block directly across the tracks from the train station.


Brick #6: Nitrous For All

Location: Blackwell Bridge (3:37)

Under one of the central struts of the bridge you will find a pitched free run wall, climb it to find the Red Brick waiting for you at the top!


Brick #7: Super Color Gun

Location: Uptown – Toy Store (4:13)

Use your color gun to turn the two switches green next on both sides of the Toy Soldier Toy Store Sign causing the rockets to rise. Boost jump with the astronaut suit up onto the sign, then again onto the rising rocket platform (left rocket). Use the teleport platform on the billboard walkway to jump behind the wall and grab the Red Brick!


Brick #8: Super Fast Travel

Location: LEGO City Airport (5:08)

Head into the runway area of the LEGO City Airport and go over to the hangers where you will find a red building with a strength handle on the door. Pull open the door to find the Red Brick!


Brick #9: Super Ram

Location: Crescent Park (5:53)

On the park’s water front, run along the water’s edge and use astronaut boost to carefully land on a small cliff side alcove.


Brick #10: Ring Tone – Gas

Location: Paradise Sands (6:19)

Starting on top of the building to the left of the pool, slowly work you way along the rooftops until you use the launch pad that shoots you directly into the Boxing Match billboard. Head into the doorway behind that billboard to go to the top of the building, sneak around to the ledge to the other side of the roof to find the Red Brick.


Brick #11: Super Drill Ride

Location: Crosstown Tunnel (8:20)

About halfway through the tunnel you will find a doorway with a strength handle on it. Break open this door to find the Red Brick!


Brick #12: Instant Vehicles

Location: Bright Lights Plaza (8:59)

Use the security panel near the astronaut teleporter to gain access to the top floor of the Plaza building. Head around the glass hallway to find the Red Brick.


Brick #13: Super Axe Smash

Location: Pagoda (9:25)

Using a helicopter land on the pad near the Pagoda, then astronaut boost over to the next building to snag the Red Brick.


Brick #14: Ring Tone – Pig

Location: Grand Canal (10:09)

Travel underground in the canal on a boat until you reach a small area of platforms with doorways, break open the Robber door to find the Red Brick.


Brick #15: Fall Rescue

Location: Fresco (10:55)

Climb to the top of the Italian restaurant, then use the astronaut teleport on the top of the green house to collect the Red Brick!


Brick #16: Invincibility

Location: Kings Court (11:49)

Make your way to the rooftop of Jenny’s restaurant and find the strength handle door, break it open to find the Red Brick!


Brick #17: Wonder Whistle

Location: Downtown (12:31)

Use the drill pad behind the large round statue to release a water jet that sends you up onto the rooftops, break open the center door with the Robber costume to collect the Brick.


Brick #18: Longer Vehicle Boost

Location: Festival Square (13:09)

Find a small fenced in area near the pig balloons to begin a free run climb up and around the many levels of the building. You will need the farmer to water a plant halfway up the run. Once on the top of the building’s roof, head to the far end and walk around small brick building (which has a free run token above it) to collect the hidden brick.


Brick #19: Collect Sat Nav Studs

Location: Heritage Bridge (14:45)

Find the drill spot on the outside ledge of the center bridge support column. Launch up from the water jet, then slowly work your way around the bridge support until you reach the top, free run across the ledges to the opposite side then glide down the rope to find the red brick on top of the small column.


Brick #20: Super Ray Gun

Location: Apollo Island (16:52)

Take a boat around to the back of the Island to find a smaller Island with a large launch pad on it. Trigger all the switches to open the launch pad and jump down into the hole to collect the Red Brick!


Brick #21: Police Siren Hat

Location: Albatross Island (18:02)

From the beach teleport into the prison yard and head over to the tall guard tower where you will find a robber doorway with a Red Brick behind it!


Brick #22: Mario Hat (NINTENDO CONSOLE ONLY!)

Location: Lady Liberty Island (18:35)

On the island, climb the tall flap pole then slide over to the base of the statue. Slowly work your way around to the Teleport pad, traveling up to the top of the statue. Put out the fire then slide down from the torch top to collect the Brick.


These Red Bricks are only accessible during the various missions or levels in the game. You can find them by replaying the level and following the steps below.


Brick #23: Fast Build

Special Assignment 1: Some Assaults (19:38)

On the third rooftop, destroy the three air conditioner units and rebuild them into solar panels to power up the terminal at the back of the roof top. Use the newly powered fan to launch to the top of the roof and grab the Brick.


Brick #24: Studs x2

Special Assignment 2: Trouble In Stir (20:29)

On the second floor of the prison block, break open the cell door then break through the wall to collect the Brick!


Brick #25: Unlimited Dynamite

Special Assignment 3: Miner Altercation (21:12)

Launch up to the upper ledge at the very end of the level then use Chicken Glide to jump across the water fall and land on the platform. Climb up the platform slowly, watching out for falling rocks, and find the Red Brick at the very top!


Brick #26: Super Throw

Special Assignment 4: Kung Fool (22:14)

In the dojo, use the teleport pad in the back right part of the room to find a unique puzzle. View the images of the disguises on the lower level, then match the rotating blocks above to the corresponding tools.


Brick #27: Studs x4

Special Assignment 5: Dirty Work (23:16)

Next to the final color swap station, use a Robber character to break open the barred door and grab the Red Brick!


Brick #28: Super Astro Crate

Special Assignment 6: Astronaughty (23:36)

In the rear corner of the hanger, use a construction worker to repair the elevator, then take it up to grab the dynamite from the vending machine. Head back down to the hanger floor and use the dynamite in the barrel to blow a hole in the floor. Break open the doorway to access the astronaut teleport station, and teleport to the elevated office. Break open the door with the axe and crack the safe inside to collect the brick.


Brick #29: Super Safe Crack

Special Assignment 7: Scrapyard Scrap (25:10)

Past the first gated area, use super strength to pull the large scrap block found in the corner to reveal a launch pad. Jump on the pad to leap into the air and collect the brick.


Brick #30: Super Break & Enter

Special Assignment 8: The Colossal Fossil Hustle (25:29)

In the main exhibit area, pull apart the two Dino skulls on the back wall with the strength handles and take the pieces over to the dino skeleton on the left side of the room. Then head up to the second floor and pull apart the crate in the small alcove area with the super strength handle to collect the final dino piece. Once all three pieces are put back on the skeleton, you can collect the brick.


Brick #31: Costumes

Special Assignment 9: Hot Property (26:40)

In the fire house, at the birthday party, break open the doorway in the back right corner to find the Red Brick!


Brick #32: Attract Studs

Special Assignment 10: Smash ‘n’ Grab (27:08)

After teleporting up from the area where you water and grow the plant, head left and jump along the poles then down the rope to find a Construction repair panel. Fix it, then break open the door to collect the Brick.


Brick #33: Extra Hearts

Special Assignment 11: They All Scream For Ice Cream (27:46)

Fly or climb up to the small ledge on the right side of the ice cream parlor and activate the astronaut beacon. Head over to the new parts and assemble a color gun swap station. Hit all three color swap targets around the room to collect the brick.


Brick #34: Studs x6

Special Assignment 12: High Steal (29:33)

In the second part of the level, find the small trailer that requires a fireman to break into it. Open the door to collect the Red Brick.


Brick #35: Studs x8

Special Assignment 13: Disruptive Behavior (29:51)

After destroying the blast doors, use super strength to pull open the silver box with the handle. Then activate the astronaut beacon box and use the new switch to deactivate the laser grid to collect the brick.


Brick #36: Attract Bricks

Special Assignment 14: Breaking and Reentering (30:26)

Up the stairs find an astronaut beacon box, activate it to teleport in a mailbox. Destroy it to collect the Brick.


Brick #37: Studs x10

Special Assignment 15: Fly Me To The Moon (31:02)

Once up the elevator, pull open the crate to the left of the blue lasers, and hit the target with the color gun to open the glass dome and give you access to the Brick.


Complete the game 100% to unlock this hidden Red Brick which will turn your character HUGE!

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