LEGO DC Super Villains Panel E3 Day 3! Mark Hamill & Kevin Conroy CONFIRMED!

The LEGO DC Super Villains Panel at E3’s Coliseum featured a great panel chat with a few people behind the new game. While we didn’t really get a ton of new information, it was great to hear a bunch of the points reinforce with some new bits of info.

Before we jump into the recap… looks like someone had a small slip of the tongue, caught by our good buddy PackAttack during the live stream… and… well… looks like Ames from DC Comics might have said a bit too much when talking about the casting for the game:


Honestly though, just from hearing the speaking voice it’s more than clear who is playing the Joker! But it’s nice to get some confirmation!

Now back to your regularly scheduled E3 Panel recap.

Here’s the video of the panel once again thanks to JayShockBlast, then check out the recap below!

E3 Panel Day 3 LEGO DC Super Villains Recap

The panel consisted of Arthur Parsons (TT Games), Clancy Brown (Lex Luthor) , Erica Luttrell (Cheeta), Ames Kurshner (DC Comics) & Justin Ramsden (LEGO).


The panel first previewed of a cutscene from level one where the villains escape Arkham but are thwarted by the Justice League.

Then we jumped into a detailed preview of the custom character creator with a great highlight video showing tons of options.

lego dc super villains e3 recap

Next they confirmed the Lex Supersuit Minifigure will come as a bonus for anyone who pre orders the deluxe version at Gamestop.

Then we get a really great look at the open world of LEGO DC Super Villains. The world is a massive expanse that includes Smallville, Stryker’s Island, Amusement Mile, Metropolis, Arkham, Belle Reve, Apokolips and many more!

Not a ton of new information like we said but it all looks super fun and we can’t wait to play it!

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