Lego Dimension’s 15th Red Brick Secret Revealed!

The mysterious 15th Red Brick in Lego Dimension has finally been unlocked and it’s secret has been revealed! Use the new bonus Red Brick to transform your Vortron hub into a super cool disco dance hall!

15th Red Brick Photo from Chester9000x

The game update that dropped last month including content for the Midway Arcade pack added a locked 15th Red Brick to the list of bonus bricks that were previously only unlockable by visiting each of the adventure worlds.

A lot of speculation was tossed around and it’s now been confirmed that the 15th Red Brick is unlocked by collecting all 480 Gold Bricks throughout all the levels and adventure worlds!

What does the new brick do?

15th Red Brick – Vortron Disco

Check out a video of it in action:

Special thanks to reddit user kirby2000 for sharing the awesome news on the Lego Dimensions Sub-Reddit!

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