Lego Dimensions Abilities List

Every character, vehicle and tool inside Lego Dimensions has it’s own unique set of abilities. These abilities can be used to help you move forward in main story or unlock and discover secret collectibles or bonus levels.

Because the Starter Pack comes with Batman, Wlydstyle, Gandalf, and the Batmobile, the main plot of the game is driven by the abilities they all come equipped with.

Batman’s skills include Boomerang, Grapple and Stealth. These abilities allow him to trigger those long distance switches, pull the orange hooks, and sneak by armed sensors. But Batman isn’t the only character to feature these abilities and skill sets.

Below is a list of all the abilities every character and vehicle is equipped with. Click into each ability to learn more and discover what packs you’ll need to unlock and explore every corner of each level and adventure world!

Character & Vehicle Abilities – Year 2

A-Team Master Build – Rebuild objects into new and useful tools to make sure the plan comes together.

BMO Dock – Dive into the digital world of spiders and dungeons!

Charge Transfer – Move powerful bursts of energy from one terminal to another.

Cursed Lego Objects – Destroy red glowing cursed LEGO bricks!

Diffindo – Carve out useful tools from enchanted red walls.

Flying Tow Bar – Pry off the boards blocking airborne pathways.

Fuse Box – Deliver the lit fuse to the end of the maze to blow up obstacles!

IMF Scan Disguise – Go undercover and break into high security areas.

Intelligence – Use your smarts to match colorful shapes.

Lantern Construct – Create tools using the power of the Lantern Corp.

Magno Gloves  – Climb your way up metal pipes to access hard to reach areas.

Parsel Tongue – Talk to snakes and ask for help.

P.K.E. Meter – Exorcise ghosts haunting objects!

Super Strength Handles – Tear open doorways and obstacles with super strength!

Sword Switch – Drive the gears using your sword as a handle.

Underwater Cargo Hook – Deliver deep sea cargo to it’s destination.

Vent Access – Slide your way through tiny vents to access hidden areas.

Character & Vehicle Abilities – Year 1

Accelerator Switch – Drive your vehicle up and on these switches to power them with tire power!

Acrobat – Jump high and far with acrobatic characters.

Arcade Station – Jump into some classic games from the Midway Arcade collection.

Atlantis Pool – Summon aquatic life to solve puzzles and trigger switches.

Big Transformation – Get really big to move giant objects.

Boomerang – Toss your weapon and it comes right back! Hit multiple targets and trigger hard to reach switches.

Cargo Hook – Lift and deliver crates to trigger switches.

Chi – Gather Chi orbs to deliver to shrines or power up attacks.

Digging – Clear piles of dirt to reveal bricks, triggers, or clues.

Dive – Travel underwater without having to head back up for air.

Drilling – Clear orange and blue bricks with a drill.

Drone Access – Release a small drone to travel into hard to reach places.

Electricity – Deliver a powerful electric current!

Fix-It – Repair blue glowing objects!

Flight Dock – Trigger a switch in the sky with a flying vehicle.

Flying – Character can fly through the sky!

Gliding – Slowly descend from any height.

Grapple – Grab and pull objects from a distance.

Growth (Plants) – Grow plants to help defeat enemies or clear obstacles.

Gyrosphere Switch – Use the Gyropshere to trigger switches.

Hacking – Solve simple puzzles while avoiding drones to unlock the terminals.

Hazard Cleaner – Clean and clear harmful slime or goo.

Hazard Protection – Cannot be harmed by hazardous goo.

Ice – Freeze water or cool down hot places.

Illumination – Light up dark places.

Invulnerability – Characters that cannot be defeated.

Laser – Melt ice and gold bricks.

Laser Deflection – Change the direction of laser beams.

Magic – Move glowing blue bricks from a distance.

Magic Shield – Deflect attacks with a magic bubble.

Master Builder – Rebuild glowing pink legos into new and useful tools.

Mind Control – Control characters in inaccessible areas to do your bidding.

Mini Access – Creep through small doors to access hard to reach places.

Pole Vault – Launch a pole into a target to use as a switch.

Portal Gun – Open orange and blue portals to travel to hard to reach places.

Rainbow Lego – Build or destroy rainbow colored Lego bricks.

Relic Detection – Summon helpful tools.

Silver Lego Destroy – Blow up silver lego bricks and objects!

Sonar Smash – Break through glass with sonar waves.

Speed – Move fast… like really fast!

Spinjitzu – Spin around and around to trigger switches.

Stealth – Sneak by sensors and cameras.

Super Strength – Break through cracked walls and floors.

Suspend Ghost – Trap those pesky ghosts with Peter Venkmen and his proton pack!

TARDIS Pad – Travel backwards and forwards in time with the TARDIS!

Target – Practice your aim and shoot down enemies and switches up high.

Technology – Solve simple puzzles and switches to unlock these terminals.

Time Travel Switch – Hit 88 MPH and zip Back to the Future!

Tow Bar – Tear down walls and obstacles!

Tracking – Hunt down the prints and follow the tracks!

Trap Ghosts – Don’t look in the trap as it pulls in all those pesky ghosts!

Vine Cutting – Cut down the overgrowth to clear the path!

Water Spray – Pump water to wash away obstacles and trigger switches!

Weight Switch – Use the companion cube to trigger switches!

X-Ray Vision – See through walls to complete puzzles!