LEGO Dimensions At Harry Potter Celebration!

This weekend is the legendary Harry Potter Celebration at Universal Studios Orlando! They have an action packed weekend full of exciting events, expos and experiences! (Whoa.. Alliteration!) At the soundstage featuring all sorts of cool Harry Potter stuff, is the EPIC LEGO Dimensions booth featuring a life sized portal, and tons of stations to get your hands on the game.


The official press release from Universal Studios says:

A magical adventure awaits in the LEGO Dimensions experience, where you’ll be able to explore the Wizarding World and be the first to play as Hermione Granger! Guests will also be given the opportunity to participate in special giveaways and contests.


Check out our upclose look at the new Hermione figure & Buckbeak here!

Here is a list of all the cool things happening at the LEGO Dimensions booth!

  • Get an awesome Fantastic Beasts Story Pack Poster & bring it to life with the LEGO Dimensions mobile app!
  • Enter an awesome Harry Potter prize pack giveaway!
  • Unlock an exclusive LEGO Dimensions snapchat filter!
  • Play Hermione & Buckbeak for the first time ever!

For anyone in attendance we are being told the LEGO Dimensions stuff is at the Second Soundstage!

LEGO Dimensions Harry Potter Celebration Booth Social Gallery


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