LEGO Dimensions Cancellation FAQ

Disclaimer: Before you read this we want to make a quick statement. This info should as always be taken with a grain of salt. We’ve had the info verified by one inside source and two outside sources tied closely to the game as true and legitimate. You are still encouraged to make your own decisions. Just do so politely and with respect. The hate and anger that was spread throughout the community was totally unnecessary last week. We are a family with a unified love of LEGO Games. Let love and kindness win over hate and anger. 

It’s been an interesting week for us here at Bricks To Life, and we thought it would be a good thing to follow up on the big article we released last Wednesday. A big bucketload of apologies to the fans who got locked out of the site after we posted the article. We got so much traffic at once that our site crashed so hard it took over 36 hours to get it back up. Now, the whole site is on a much nicer server which should hold up against any other big news.

On a personal note, we want to reassure everyone that no one loves this game more than we do. The cancellation of Dimensions is not a good thing; it’s bad for our site, it’s bad for the community and it’s bad for the reputation of LEGO Games. We stand to gain nothing from sharing this info with you beyond getting the news out to the community we love and support. This game has been our passion for more than two years and has opened doors for us to expand into more and make a name for ourselves in the LEGO community. This news makes us incredibly sad. We completely understand why this news is so upsetting to so many people.

If you missed the original cancellation article, click here to read it!

LEGO Dimensions Cancellation FAQ

We’ve received a ton of feedback from the cancellation article and we wanted to address some of it, answer some of the bigger questions, and provide a little bit more information. Below we will list some of the questions in sort of an expanded FAQ format. If we don’t answer your pressing question or issue, please leave a comment or reach out to us on social media (see bottom of the article for links) and we will try to help.

Is the game really cancelled?

Yes, we called it in the previous article a “quiet cancellation,,” because it’s not officially been announced to the community or potentially even through the massive company that is LEGO. Right now, the team behind the game is slowly wrapping up production on the current Year and will then move onto other projects. Think of the cancellation applying to Year 3 and beyond, and not to anything that’s already been announced.

Why was the game cancelled?

A whole situation is certainly messy and probably deeper than we even have a proper understanding of. From our source the main reason was simply sales. The Toys To Life genre is just about dead and soon to be buried. The market is just not there for it anymore and unfortunately LEGO came into the game too late to get a proper footing in the over saturated shelf space.

Will we still get Beetlejuice, PPG, TTG, Goonies, LEGO City, etc.?


Absolutely! The cancellation we announced was referencing any content beyond Year 2. You are still going to get everything that TT Games has promised you’re getting. The good folks behind the game have been working hard on everything and making sure it’s all perfect!

When will we get the remaining packs?

From the information we received it looks like the remaining waves will be stretched out until at least September. The remaining packs will be broken into two more waves after Wave 8, one with Power Puff Girls & Beetlejuice, and the other will be Teen Titans & possibly a Surprise Pack.

How can we trust you have a legitimate source?

We’ve been working with a few friends of the site to deliver some of the info we have in a safe way that won’t get us into too much trouble. Check back in the following days for a little article as we look at some of the behind the scenes development of the game as a way to prove our source is legitimate and actually works closely with the game.

Who is your source? Can we see all the info you have?


The short answer is no. It’s important for us to keep the source anonymous to protect their job. We vetted them and their information as thoroughly as we could before sharing the story. The info was backed up by a second source. The documents we have are mostly confidential internal documents that we don’t feel comfortable fully sharing at this time. We are not Wikileaks and don’t intend to dump copious amounts of private documents or broadcast the identity of our source.

Did you see that LEGO tweet that said you were wrong?

Oh yeah, we saw the tweet. If you missed it, here’s a quick look:

It’s important here to remember two things:

  • The game isn’t publicly cancelled yet. So technically, the tweet is right.
  • Even if the game was cancelled internally, it would be in their best interest to maintain that it is not. Their goal is to sell as much as possible to the consumer who may be more inclined to abandon the brand if they know it’s done.

Notice how none of the outspoken team who usually loves talking about the game have now gone silent. Dimension’s official Twitter / Facebook / Instagram pages have not responded to any messages. The only accounts to respond are the official LEGO Group. This is a PR Guy who runs down a list of all the things that he can say, projects that are still going on, and then responds to the posts based on the info he has. The LEGO PR team is very much removed from the inner workings of TT Games.

The question you should be asking if you want to start tweeting is “What’s going on with Year 3? Should we still expect a trailer for the new content at E3?”

So you think an OFFICIAL tweet from LEGO isn’t proof you’re wrong?

Yes, that’s what we’re saying. In fact LEGO has a pretty interesting track record when it comes to delivering cancellation news to their fans.

We won’t even go into the subtle nuance of the tweets where they constantly state they have no idea whats going on with the game development team but can at the same time tweet that they know whats going on with the game development team.

Sometimes, it’s clear that the PR person running the official LEGO Twitter page isn’t always fully informed, like the time they reassured the fans that Mixels weren’t cancelled and new stuff was coming to the LEGO store, weeks after they officially announced Mixels were cancelled.


There was the time that the LEGO press team released a fun article celebrating the birthday of LEGO Universe (a popular MMO game from 2011) promising all sorts of awesome upgrades in the new year for LEGO Universe. Four days later it got cancelled.


Or the time LEGO cancelled the Bionicle reboot internally, tasking a few trusted fan community leaders to slowly prepare the fan communities that the toy line may not reach it’s planned third year, before the cancellation was officially announced. Sound familiar?

The press team and the development team aren’t always on the same page. Especially if they are two different companies responsible for two totally different sets of press.

LEGO Group PR =/= TT Games & WB Games PR

Can we (the community) save LEGO Dimensions?

Before you start creating online petitions or shouting at the TT Games team (and they’d be the wrong ones to yell at, so again, please don’t do that) the community already had their chance to save the game in the only way that matters: sales. Unfortunately beyond everyone going out and buying the packs in bulk to dramatically boost sales numbers, there is nothing anyone can do.

Will the game still be playable after it’s cancelled?


Of course! There is no reason why you couldn’t go on playing this game forever and enjoying the almost endless amount of content!

What were the IPs that were going to be included in Year 3?

We will share a nice list of the cancelled franchises later when things settle down from this and WB or TT Games makes some kind of formal announcement about the cancellation. The only reason we are holding back is the very slim chance that some of these properties may be used in new games or if some additional content is possibly added onto Year 2 or 3. We’ve mentioned in the original article that TT Games was still actively working on this.

Can you tell us what the next LEGO Games will be?

No. That’s not our story to tell. The team at TT Games is working hard on some very cool stuff that will make you all very happy we’re sure. Not to mention you can probably just figure out a few of them yourself using some common knowledge and previous examples.

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

Daniel is the owner of & - He's also a full time dad and husband, lover of the puppetry arts (you can find his puppetry podcast on iTunes: Getting Felt Up - A Puppetry Podcast with Dan & Nate) and has been playing video games since he was an infant.

  • Alan C

    We got into Lego Dimesions because the starter pack was inexplicably on sale, and we loved it. But it boggles the mind how Lego could price the starter pack so high and expect sales to be high. The starter pack was the barrier to entry. That should be dirt cheap, and they could make money on all the character packs forever!

    • Daniel Becker

      Yeah, I even would have taken them doing the minifigure blind bag approach and ditching the mostly useless vehicles for the fun packs.

    • Chip

      They did themselves in with the pricing. Even when I did get packs I looked forward to, content was stuck behind a pay-wall (got the A team pack, but can’t unlock Face without BMO from a team pack…I bought the arcade pack year one, but couldn’t get all the arcade games without owning every level pack). They went from making games that gave you hundreds are characters for a price of studs with a multiplier to making a game that price gouged at every turn. No wonder people only bought things on sale, why wouldn’t you? They put year 1 in a dollar store and think that people won’t just wait a year and save $10-$20? It was a poor business plan that unfortunately but rightfully failed.

  • Bill Vanderwyngaard

    Really was hoping for Star Wars and Marvel. This Game blows away infinity and Skylanders. An off the wall question? Do u have any storage ideas? I just bought something from Joann fabrics, but it doesn’t quite fit everything. Might go back for a container just for the Vehicles. Thanks!

  • Brooke Lacey

    Bill, we use tackle boxes from walmart. The clear ones with little removable partitions if needed.

    On the news of Lego, I am seriously bummed. The way it is setup, Dimensions has endless ability to expand with characters and also adding in add-on content with the existing levels and worlds. I hope they take that into account at least and add on to them occasionally.

  • TheRealProcyon

    What sets would I need to 100% the game with as little purchases needed? I got next to no money, only €50 a month, so how can I get 100% (without all characters)? I will buy the other characters at a later date ofcourse.

  • Michael Guglietti

    Thanks for all your hard work Daniel. It’s a sad end to a great game, but like everything making money rules. I’m NO where close to being done this game. Will you still have links to the level guides after?

  • Mat

    It really sucks, but this was to be expected. The starter pack was too expensive like stated above. I was really hopping to see some StarWars packs and even ToyStory and Marvel ones 🙁 Hopefully they add some to year 2

  • Ruben

    I don’t think the toys to life genre is dead, it’s just miss used. The market has potential, they just have to find a way to make the needed toy more cheap, and therefore acessible to more users.

    Regarding the cancelation of LD, it’s quite plausible. If I’m not mistaken they did the same tthing with lego the hobbit. The third movie never showed up, and no valid reason was given.

    • Jonathan

      The thing with LEGO Dimensions is they put a lot more value in to each character than other TTL genres and therefore the prices go higher. Sadly this meant it was less affordable.

      • Ruben

        But that’s problem, and everybody failed right there, not just lego. The toys are simple too expensive.
        But in Usa, you got those 99 cents stores,wallmarts,etc, that have good deals. Here in Europe, it’s more dificult.

  • Jonathan

    What if it’s all a publicity stunt? (he said with no hope but happiness that we might see a The LEGO Ninjago Movie Game)

  • Cor

    The biggest problem with the TTL genre is retail. They’ve got to stock up on all those different packs, and they want to make money on it. The TTL games have huge turnovers, but not huge profits per se. All parties involved want to make money on it. The supply chain is a lot shorter when you’re just selling downloads (or discs), instead of (big) starterpacks and numerous expansion packs.

  • William Xoreo

    i am some what excepting of this… but i will be salty that we diden’t get Godzilla (the monster from the Lego Batman Movie is not Godzilla but The Kraken from an old movie)

  • Glowstix

    It boggles the mind where lego+tt will go next without LD. There’s no bit trilogies out there and tbh I don’t see the value in paying £40 plus for a 1 film game life SW force awakens. When I could have varied fun of 2/3 fun packs for the same price. They could have done endless levels redid their old stuff mixed in with the cult reboot had old and new people enjoying the game. And please note its not just the sales. The travesty that has been the programming. Losing game stats, random uploads and updates. Glitching etc TT haven’t come out of this unscathed. A lot of my friends sadly wouldn’t have carried in or will look at more games because of the nightmare it’s been since year 2 came on board. But either way it’s all just sad.

  • Yetta


  • David

    Am I the only one noticing the conflict of either the abuse of English language or a contradictable story? This I personally would love to know what the writer meant. Will there be a Year 3 or not?

    “Think of the cancellation applying to Year 3 and beyond, and not to anything that’s already been announced.”

    “The cancellation we announced was referencing any content beyond Year 3”

  • Robert

    I just scrolled down to the bottom of this page and I saw an ad saying “Lego dimensions deals, start saving!” Isn’t this article about how sad we are that Lego is losing profits on Lego dimensions packs?

    • Greg Pollock

      Haha, I get where you’re coming from, but the deals will be there whether we shine a light on them or not. If Lego Dimensions packs can’t make a profit at MSRP, there’s a problem with their pricing model, not with the consumers, who largely will just buy as cheap as they can for fungible goods.

  • John

    can we still buy packs after it is canceled?

  • Drew

    ” Ive not paid for a Dimensions pack or lego game for the last few years.” has to go down as the funniest comment on a thread where we are talking about why the profits are down and they are canceling LD


    I got LD in christmass for my son and he loves it. It’s so much fun, it can be expensive but got it really cheap on sale and at the moment I’m expanding it only with packs that are on sale. So far I’ve invested around 100$ for a lot of content and I will keep buying it.
    Hopefully they won’t cancell Year 3 because people will continue to support the game since not everyone can affort to buy everything at once and most of the content will be bought at some point.

  • Brickticks

    Hmph!!!! At least I won’t have to put up with the Tt/WBGames terrible customer service!!! All they do is send generic responses to bug reports and never actually address the problem that clearly exists as a result of something on their end, instead prefering to claim the absurd faulty disk and bad download on the individual level as oppossed to the fact that the bug is clearly universal!!!! They really want to pin all their glitches and bugs on the players as oppossed to just preventing them in the first place!!! But hey, I’ll bet Lego is right and LD is not cancelled, this “Dan” guy just clearly doesn’t know that when he doesn’t give names, he is to be assumec as his own lying source!!! Rockatoa, Brickticks out!

  • David

    This may be true, we certainly do not have to like the outcome, but they are trying to be informative and forewarn us, that way we are not so depressed, outraged, shocked etc.
    I have received this email message today.
    To address the concerns for future waves, to our knowledge here at WB Games Support, LEGO Dimensions is still going strong with waves 8 and 9 being released in the oncoming months. We are not aware of any future plans regarding this title, however, we have not heard of any cancellations. We can submit feedback to our development team that you would like to have this rumor openly addressed.

  • aidy

    as gutted as i am i have to say i think TT games needs to take some blame, i was buying packs on day one even ones i did not need for 100% but after countless 11gb updates that were as buggy as the one it was “fixing” so i gave up on on it as i’m sure others did. it was an amazing idea that was ruined. real shame

  • Trailblazer101

    I highly fought they will cancel such a very popular game. If they did, it would put tons of people without jobs! Also, TT Games and Arthur Parsons have already confirmed that they have a “Three Year Plane” and that the game will have content being added from now to early 2018. Year 3 is happening!

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  • a person

    By not giving a real source, you are saying that you have no real proof. If you really want to prove something, give a source.

  • charles turner

    lego dimensions year3

  • Krista

    They can’t close now, what about Year 3 with Kong: Skull Island, The Lego Ninjago Movie, Looney Tunes, Godzilla, The Hobbit, Arrowverse, Minecraft, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Steven Universe, The Matrix, Home Alone, Planet of the Apes, Jaws, Jurassic Park, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Half-Life, Bionicle,


    Year 4 with Stranger Things, Demogorgon, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Draft Punk, Universal Monsters, Half-Life 2, Level Creator, Red Dwarf, Rock of Ages, Godzilla, Lego Universe, The Adventures of Vesp, Sherlock, Overwatch, A Series of Unfortunate Events

  • Leonard C.

    Just curious on Mr. Becker’s thoughts on the LEGO Dimensions presence at E3 2017. Just wondering why they’d spend the money promoting a game that’s ending after the release of the remainder of year 2 this November.

  • Xander Ritchie

    I watched all 3 live feeds by WB and Tt games, superheroes 2, Lego worlds and LD, I only half listened to SH or LW but was fully trained on LD, day one revolved around TTG Hub and characters. Day 2 was a horrible controller connection, but eventually 1 capture the flag game on saturn (Beetlejuice level) and day 3 was strictly BJ’s Hub, although it looked awesome if suggest listening to the conversation with the host, at one point she mentions future packs, the two males joining her on stage (names escape me) were very quick to dismiss and change topic. I’m very sad to say this, but I think the current game of Lego dimensions may be done. But I’m going to be optimistic, a lot of you have been saying that TTL gaming is not dead, and I agree. But the previous generation on console gaming is. I think they may scrap LD and bring out a new game, allowing characters from the previous game to join. Kind of like what Skylanders did, new portal, same rules. The way that they keep expanding one game has to be killer on some hard drives. Let’s just look ahead to the future of Tt games, WB and bricks to life!

    On a side note, from me. To the author of this article. Your answers were very precise and plesent to read, keeping your sources safe shows you know what your doing.

    I have purchased every pack to date, including XB360, XB1 and PS4 starter packs, and even 2 Gollum and Superman packs, it’s not that expensive unless you decide to purchase all upon release, $20 every two weeks and you’d be fine, and you’d never run out of gaming

  • Relatively Average

    I see that all of my previous comments on this article have finally been deleted. LOL, predictable.

    • Daniel Becker

      I haven’t deleted a single one of your previous comments unless you’re talking about the rude ones you left under your other username.

  • Bite My Bag Dan (a.k.a. I’m A Total Coward)

    You’re a little ***** Dan, and I’m glad your little website is going to disappear into the shadows you ******* pathetic ********. Get a real hobby loser, Lego Dimensions is dead, you got your wish you little know it all ****.

    Message from Dan to Publci – These are the kind of comments I continue to trash / spam. When you see people complain that I am censoring them, it is because they are leaving comments like this. Cheers!

    Message from Dan To Commenter – Hey! Guess what? You’re a coward. An absolutely coward who hides behind your childish little comments with foul language as a ridiculous cry for attention. I can only assume you are around 8 years old just based on your grammar and word selection. If you really want to talk, drop by with your real social media account and say Hello on my Twitter or Facebook. Cheers!

  • John and Jax

    My son and I were really hoping for Lord Vortech. One final release?

  • Cassy

    Is Lego dimensions really done as of 2018 i have put lots of money into this game please tell me this is not true

    • Jeremy Riley

      Yes, it is done. Poor sales (some sets were said to not have sold as well as other packs, and year two basically failed to get a good start due to focusing on Ghostbusters 2016, which was a bomb at the box office), as well as the fact that the toys to life genre is officially a dead trend, are the reasons why.

  • Brett Knutson

    Still hoping for a list of what was planned even though cancelled, guess I’m a glutton for punishment, but still curious. Any plans for release of that information, or did I miss it somewhere.