LEGO Dimensions Cancellation Follow Up – What Now?

It was a few months ago that we initially shared that our favorite Toys To Life Game LEGO Dimensions wouldn’t be seeing any content beyond Year 2. Today we see a deluge of larger news sources reporting on the untimely death of Dimensions and we wanted to follow up on a few questions we are seeing on social media, email, etc. Big thanks to Eurogamer for citing us in their article for originally breaking the story. As a follow up for the fans, I thought it would be appropriate to address a few of the things touched on in the article from Eurogamer and expand on some of the points.


First, it’s important to say that yes, this is all still a rumor until we get an official statement from Warner Brothers surrounding the fate of the game. What are the chances of us getting that statement? Well up until this point I would have said the chances were slim, but with a heightened awareness thanks to the new article from Eurogamer, perhaps we will see some sort of acknowledgment. But I’m still betting that we won’t hear a word.

Second, it’s also important to say that the “idea” of Dimensions may not be dead completely, and perhaps TT Games will return to the genre of a Toys To Life franchise. A LEGO Dimensions 2 might be something we see one day. But for now, the game as it stands is mostly finished.


The Cancellation Cause

There are many articles citing the sales of the game for being it’s undoing, and unfortunately we will never officially know how well the game sold, how much money it made LEGO & Warner Brothers, or perhaps really any official reason why the game went under. While physical LEGO’s overall sales have dipped, it still holds strong as one of the biggest toys in the world.


Unfortunately the flag ship franchise Dimensions tied itself to at the start of Year 2 was controversial and not well received. The Ghostbusters reboot met mixed reviews, leaving the demand for a LEGO game version a bit flat. Subsequent releases were oddly spaced, and poorly prioritized.

At the end of the day, the market just couldn’t bear another Toys To Life game, especially the most expensive of the big three, and interest for it simply faded away. There is really no good finger to point or person to blame, it was a huge mix of circumstances.

The Thank You Email

The aforementioned Eurogamer article ended with a nice little email sent out by Dave Dootson, Studio Manager at TT Games, thanking the team for their hard work on Dimensions. We also got a copy of this email from our source and can share it with you below:


While this email is far from any sort of official confirmation that the game is cancelled, it’s a pretty clear indication. It was sent to everyone working on LEGO Dimensions “Project Opus” and has a pretty serious tone of the game being finished. Almost all of the people who received this email are now hard at work on other projects like LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.

What Was To Come?

The Eurogamer article mentions a few pieces of content that were in the works for LEGO Dimensions including a Minecraft pack, and expansions on existing Year 1 franchises like a Missy (Doctor Who) or The Flash (D.C. Comics) packs.


The information we have agrees with this, as initial development and planning for Year 2 included diving back into select Year 1 franchises and pulling out new and updated stories. This idea was ultimately scrapped and the closest thing we got to this was the exclusive polybags we saw released over the summer gap between years for Green Arrow & Supergirl.


The Minecraft pack was also in the works as a potential Story Pack to bridge the gap between Year 2 & 3, but it too was scrapped for what ever reasons. The gaming IP fit perfectly in line with other previous Dimensions pack releases like Portal, Midway & Sonic. Of course you’d get a pretty sweet little Steve minifigure, and the portal build would have been fun. Perhaps if this franchise was used to kick off Year 2 we’d be in a different place right now instead of pack based on a rather under performing controversial film.

The other big item they touched on in the article was the Dimensions scanner device. We’ve actually seen this thing in action and it was a work of absolute beauty, and likely would have been the thing that set Dimensions apart from any other Toys To Life gaming experience in a big bad way. Imagine building anything you want out of LEGO that could reasonably fit on a toy tag, uploading it into the game, and playing with it. There is no doubt the scanner would have been pricy, the technology in it alone was pretty impressive and cutting edge for a children’s game. The possibilities for the scanner could have been endless, integrating the features into other LEGO Games like Worlds, but for now it sits shelved, like Dimensions, for perhaps a better time.

As we’ve promised, we will dive deeper into these cancelled franchises & content down the road when the game has been properly cancelled or enough time has passed.

So Whats Next?


First, make sure you check out our original story surrounding the Quiet Dimensions Cancellation & then our follow up FAQ where we address a lot of questions surrounding the story we broke.

With Dimensions off the plate of the TT Games team, we have so much great stuff to expect with the future of LEGO Games. The upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is slated to be the biggest most adventurous LEGO game yet, and that is the type of thing we can excitedly look forward to now that the team isn’t slaving over dozens of franchises, worlds, levels and packs.


Moving forward we can probably expect to see the familiar pattern of two full LEGO games coming out a year, and with growing franchises like Star Wars, D.C.’s cinematic universe, original LEGO franchises & films like the upcoming LEGO Movie 2 and more… we are certain some great LEGO gaming content is on it’s way!

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    Ate you serious,best lego invention ever

  • Giancarlo

    You’re right is not official only a rumor , we should wait , may be we can recommend To Tt games , to work on the newest 2 games and LEGO Dimensions what I mean is they are giving so many importance to that game so many updates maybe they can Work in LEGO Dimensions with DLC or Working Slowly in LEGO Dimensions like yeah DLC Packs more cheaper , and To LEGO Ninjago Movie The videogame they can work more and LEGO MARVEL SUPERHEROES 2 to , or something like that but it’s just a an idea , My real opinion of that is to wait more official information , I don’t think that’s the end , they planned a lot , is not that simple maybe they will do it later like maybe in 2020 or in asooner year we will have LEGO Dimensions 2 or Year 3 , or maybe they will do sonething sooner with the original idea but a little cheaper and different , I think you get the concept now , my last thing I want to say in this comment is that cancelled or not we will never forget what this Game give us , Really Good Moments with Family,Friends or even alone , The Great Characters and Possibilites we have to mix Movies , Series and Lot More , The Great Heroes and Even the villains they are so cool to , It is and it will be a food game forever and ever we will never forget Lord Vortech , Ghostbusters , Jurassic World , Portal 2 ,Sonic , The Lego Movie , the Lego Batman Movie and all the things that are in the game , I Don’t what to say goodbye to this game and I think you all don’t what it either ,so we I am saying ¡¡¡THANKS!!! To every one that make this game and you all ones that play it , because we help to , If we never play it from the beginning and love maybe it was cancelled from the beginning, I’m not saying is cancelled but it’s I just want to remember you all that thing , well I end my comment , I hope they continue even cheaper , Bye bye now!!

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    Thanks Daniel for your ever through reporting that you do for us. This and always will be my site for Lego news.

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    Sooooo… a farewell patch? Or dead as a door nail?

    • Daniel Becker

      Probably dead.

      • Mike

        As much as I don’t see it happening, I would love a final patch at some point that unlocked all content for everyone (even charging a reasonable amount for it as DLC would be fine), including a way to switch to any character you don’t physically own (like in the regular Lego games). Sure, some will be upset that expensive content is now free (or cheaper), but it would be a nice gesture and fans can enjoy “new” content and finish the game by collecting everything. I myself have bought about 2/3 of the content and enjoyed it. I will miss Dimensions.

      • Kevin

        🙁 I had hoped that Fern somehow indicated one last (digital) hurrah yet to come… maybe not…

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    You know, I think you reporting on this in the first place was what drove down sales…… After all, nobody buys dead beat game, and you made it look like that waaaayyy to early, as a result, this whole website is responsible for the demise of the game!!! Rockatoa, a I’m blaming you for all my wasted time Brickticks out!

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    Sad for the cancellation, I just hope they will release it for PC with DLCs for the packs because I don’t have any consoles.