LEGO Dimensions Cancelled Year 3 Properties – The Unofficial List

As we slowly approach what would have been the grand finale of LEGO Dimensions’s Year 3, and close to a full year since the final wave of releases prior to the cancellation, we thought we’d take a look back at the cancelled Year 3 franchises. It’s actually somewhat important to talk about these franchises, as the companies behind them are another likely reason why LEGO Dimensions was ultimately cancelled.

When LEGO & TT Games searched out new franchises to sign onto the game’s third and final year, the IP owners would have likely looked at piles of data surrounding the game, from current sales to projected growth (or lack there of). As the Toys to Life industry was dying around the LEGO Dimensions team, they likely faced a huge up hill battle to try to even find property owners that would want to tie their characters to a dying niche.

Just another nail in the coffin that was Toys To Life, and especially LEGO Dimensions, the only game in the niche that heavily relied on licensing and the associated costs and hurdles that came with it. Remember that with Disney Infinity, all the properties were from in house, and with Skylanders.. well they just made up almost every character they had out of thin air.

With that in mind, lets jump into the list!

IMPORTANT: We’ve gathered this list not as a means for you, the LEGO Dimensions Fans & Community to use as ammo for your complaints and social media tirades. So please spare the team at TT Games, WB & beyond your angry tweets and Instagram posts. Instead use this list as a bit of hope for what future LEGO Games may come to be, in time.

LEGO Dimensions Cancelled Year 3

We’ve managed to collect this list of franchises and properties from a whole assortment of places…from bits of leftover code, to secured LEGO licensing rights, plus bread crumb clues from people who worked on the game, and some good friends of the Bricks To Life site. I personally believe this list is harmless to share, as the game is now long dead, and while I am trying to keep my nose out of leaked information, this is now nothing more than preserving history.

Please note that MOST ALL of the properties listed below were barely in or past the negotiation stage before things began to fall apart with Toys To Life in general. Very few of these were anywhere near being confirmed, and I believe only two or three had actually gone so far as having development start on them.

We’ve separated the list of franchises into the four buckets that most all LEGO Dimensions packs seem to fit under. Where possible I also pulled images of fan made LEGO creations, they are not in any way images from TT Games.

I have no additional information regarding what kind of pack, what characters would be used, what vehicle or gadget build, etc. But I will happily make some fun assumptions.

Cartoony Young Audience Appeal

Both Year 1 & Year 2 were packed with an amazing assortment of family friendly cartoon characters that were often the highlight of the game. From Adventure Time to LEGO Ninjago, we loved the bright colorful animated worlds that TT Games brought to life so perfectly in the huge hubs.

Despicable Me

Captain Underpants 

How To Train Your Dragon


The Croods


The Smurfs

Big Blockbuster Releases

LEGO Dimensions also leaned heavily on large franchise block buster films to bring in a larger audience, with big hits like Ghostbusters & Fantastic Beasts!


Pirates of the Caribbean


King Kong



Video Game Mashups

Working hard to make use of the video game synergy machine, Dimensions turned to both classic and popular video game franchises to be included in the LEGO family.



Angry Birds




All Aboard The Nostalgia Train

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints about LEGO Dimensions was their choice in obscure and / or nostalgic driven content. Pulling from the depths of our collective childhoods, the Dimensions team brought us amazing classics like The Goonies & Ghostbusters! We never really understood the hate these older properties got, thanks to Dimensions we now have minifigures of some really amazing characters that likely would never had been made into LEGO!

Universal Monsters



Looney Tunes 

Tom & Jerry



I’m just going to copy and paste the disclaimer above, because I am serious about you leaving the people who worked on this game alone. They had nothing to do with why the market stopped supporting Toys To Life, and more so they don’t need you yelling at them about something they can’t change.

IMPORTANT: We’ve gathered this list not as a means for you, the LEGO Dimensions Fans & Community to use as ammo for your complaints and social media tirades. So please spare the team at TT Games, WB & beyond your angry tweets and Instagram posts. Instead use this list as a bit of hope for what future LEGO Games may come to be, in time.

What do you think of this list of properties and characters? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Jean-Paul Robertson

    oh man… now I’m really sad. If I didn’t have Dimension now, I would have bought it up, just to play Tintin and to have those Minifigs.

  • Paul Nowak

    Meh. It’s not really an interesting line up. It’s like they didn’t even bother to try and figure out what the audience might actually buy. Here’s an idea, how about companies listen to what their customers want instead of trying to tell them what they want?

    • Bill Lisy

      I don’t know about all that, Godzilla, the DreamWorks movies,universal monsters, King Kong, Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes and Megaman? I would have bought all of those first day! But then again I’m old.

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  • Jj Hawkins

    I thought Lego Dimensions was an awesome game. You actually got 2 toys in one. It had alot of content and days of fun. I started with my 5 yr old and then it actually became me that was more interested in it. If they could incorporate the transporter and figures into Lego worlds I bet that game would sell even more. But it sux when you lose a great game and childhood memories.

  • What a great list. Loved this game and year three could have been a great addition. Unfortunately once they are done supporting this game we won’t even be able to continue to play it. I like going back to my old games and replaying years later. So shame this was so tied to downloaded software updates.

  • AnswersOnTheT

    Lying pieces of 💩, canceling the game before even the promised minumum number of years. 💯#LEGO

    • avataboo

      A bummer yeah, sad that financial reality caught up with them. 🙁

  • Dom Cunningham

    Looks alright; some awesome ones like Tintin and Captain Underpants, but some that I personally wouldn’t have been too excited by like Despicable Me and Avatar. I was actually expecting the likes of Home Alone, Willy Wonka, and Red Dwarf.