Lego Dimensions Custom Portal Build Gallery!

Lego Dimensions is all about breaking the rules, doing things differently, and being creative, which is why we LOVE seeing custom portal builds!

A recent Lego Dimensions ReBrick contest delivered some of the most creative and original custom portal builds that I’ve seen yet. Brick lovers submitted a combination of digital designs and real life builds showcasing unique themed portals.

Lego Dimensions Custom Portal Design

The contest rules were simple, design a portal that showcases the worlds of Lego Dimensions in a new and exciting way. Some of the designs really hit home with the new Story Pack portal builds with beautifully specific themed portal surrounds while others mashed up multiple worlds into crazy creations.

Ultimately the winner of the contest was YOP1172 with this perfect blend of every Year 1 franchise:

Lego Dimensions Custom Portal Design

But there were so many other really awesome builds, so we pulled together a gallery of our favorites! Check out our top pics from over 100+ entries! We included the description of each build and the creators name! Make sure you visit Rebrick to vote on future contests!

Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

Lego Dimensions Custom Portal Gallery

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