Lego Dimensions Custom Toy Tag Printable Craft!

Want to step up your Lego Dimensions game with some fancy custom toy tag labels for your vehicles and gadgets? Here’s a quick instructional and details on some awesome custom tags put together by friend of the site Scott Aparo!


Scott started out with our original custom toy tag template where we’ve previously dabbled with some fun and unique tags in the past. He took the simple template and used it to create uniform identifying tags for each and every vehicle and gadget available for Lego Dimensions waves 1-5.

Adding another touch of cleverness, Scott printed them on the Avery 1″ round sticker labels to make them easier to apply and manage!

Lego Dimensions Toy Tag Labels

Here are Scott’s tag templates he designed and formatted into a PDF format. They should be formatted perfectly to be printed on the Avery tags! Click on each of the links below to download the PDF.

Lego Dimensions Toy Tag Labels

After you print them out you will need to trim the outside edges to fit, then use the round clear blue toy tag mounting brick as a guide to cut out the center spot.

Lego Dimensions Toy Tag Labels

The final result is pretty fantastic! Let us know if you used the Toy Tags and share your photos with us!

Lego Dimensions Toy Tag Labels

Special thanks again to Scott Aparo for his awesome work on putting these together!

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