Lego Dimensions Deals – Apr 3-9

Here’s a quick summary of all the best deals across the web and major retailers for Lego Dimensions! Check out the top portion with break downs on all the retailers then scroll down for an in depth listing of Lego Dimensions deals for every pack from every retailer!

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Prices have normalized somewhat at Amazon. Levels packs range from $19.00 to $34.91, with Portal 2 at the top end. Team packs range from $14.59 to $23.99, with the Jurassic World Team Pack at the top. Fun packs range from $7.59 to $14.99, with Superman and Stay Puft packs at the top end. Starters range from $59.99 on Xbox 360 to %85.00 on PS3, breaking the trend we’ve seen in recent weeks of last gen outpricing next gen.

As always, with Amazon it’s important to keep an eye on the pricing as it often changes throughout the week.

Best Buy

All items, including fun packs, are standard price at Best Buy this week.


Like Best Buy, all packs are standard price at Gamestop this week.

Pricing at is pretty similar to last week, with two exceptions: fun packs returning to full price, $14.99, and starters are $10 off of last week’s prices, down to $49.98 on last gen consoles and $59.98 on next gen.


Prices on Target’s website are mostly unchanged compared to last week, but this week, there’s three Cartwheel deals: 25% off starters, 75% off Chima fun packs, and 75% off Lego Movie fun packs.

Toys R Us

No gimmicks this week at TRU, but there’s pretty good pricing on Team Packs, down to $15.99, and Starters, which are $59.99 on last gen consoles and $69.99 on next gen. You can still get a better deal at, but these deals aren’t bad by any stretch. Midway Retro Arcade level packs are also down to $20.99.


Prices are pretty standard this week at Walmart, with the exception of some fun packs maintaining their lows of $8.72. You can still find a better deal on some fun packs at Amazon, so you’ll have to compare closely to see which provides the best bang for your buck.

Detailed Store Price Guide

Notice – This is still a work in progress!

We are still working on all page scraping scripts and they should be done shortly! You can scroll through all the current list prices from all the major retailers below! We’re working on updating these listings constantly and will be adding Target soon!

Amazon Deals
These deals were last updated at 23:00 Central Standard Time, 4-3-2016


Best Buy Deals
These deals were last updated at 23:00 Central Standard Time, 4-3-2016

Best Buy

Gamestop Deals
These deals were last updated at 23:00 Central Standard Time, 4-3-2016


Walmart Deals
These deals were last updated at 23:01 Central Standard Time, 4-3-2016


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Greg Pollock

Written by: Greg Pollock

  • Chris

    Be sure to read the fine print on cartwheel, the deal isn’t on all of chima and lego movie, its specifically Cragger and Emmet

  • Tim

    The fine print does lead you to believe that, but if you scan all of the Movie/Chima Fun Packs, all of them but Bad Cop register as qualifying. I was able to buy one each of every Chima/Move Fun Pack for 75% off. I did have to get Customer Service to price match for Bad Cop, but they did it quickly and wondered why it didn’t discount automatically.