Here’s a quick summary of all the best deals across the web and major retailers for Lego Dimensions! We’ve also got a listing at the top of each section for newly-announced preorders of Lego Dimensions Year 2 packs.

Use this guide to help price match your way to ultimate savings!



New Preorders

Amazon has reduced prices on PS3 and Xbox 360 starters, down to $39.99, and Wii U starters, at $44.99. The other starters are only available through third parties. Otherwise, Amazon’s offering Doc Brown Fun Packs for $4.82, and Cyberman Fun Packs for $5.99.

Best Buy

New Preorders

Back to the Future Level Packs are still $11.99 at Best Buy, which is the best price around for this pack. Starter Packs are $39.99 for last gen and $49.99 for next gen.


New Preorders

All items at Gamestop are standard price. New preorders are available!

Midway Arcade Level Packs are priced $24.99 on After a couple months with no other sales, this week has Starter Packs for $47.99 on last gen (PS3/360) and $57.99 next gen (PS4/Xbone/Wii U).


New Preorders

No Cartwheel again this week. Target’s low price winner this week comes from Doc Brown fun packs, which are $5.09, but Cyberman fun packs aren’t far behind, at $5.99. Ghostbusters Level Packs are down to $11.99. Lego Dimensions Starter Packs are also $49.99 on all platforms.

Toys R Us

New Preorders

TRU’ reduced prices on Lego Dimensions Starters continue this week, with last gen starters down to $39.99, and next gen starters at $44.99. Fun Packs are back to normal price. Simpsons Level Packs are still down to $26.99 as well.


Walmart still has Jurassic World Team Packs down to $14.99, the cheapest price around.

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Greg Pollock

Written by: Greg Pollock