Here’s a quick summary of all the best deals across the web and major retailers for Lego Dimensions! We’ve also got a listing at the top of each section for newly-announced preorders of Lego Dimensions Year 2 packs.

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New Preorders

Amazon still has reduced prices on PS3 and Xbox 360 starters, down to $39.99. Xbox One starters are $49.90. Otherwise, Amazon’s offering Doc Brown Fun Packs for $4.62, and Cyberman Fun Packs for $5.99.

Best Buy

New Preorders

Back to the Future Level Packs are still $11.99 at Best Buy, which is the best price around for this pack. All other packs are standard price.


New Preorders

All items at Gamestop are standard price. Starters are down to $49.99 on last gen, $59.99 on next gen.

Midway Arcade Level Packs are priced $24.99 on All other packs are back to standard price this week.


New Preorders

No Cartwheel again this week. Target’s low price winner this week comes from Doc Brown fun packs, which are $4.89, but Cyberman fun packs aren’t far behind, at $5.99.

Toys R Us

New Preorders

TRU’ reduced prices on Lego Dimensions Starters continue this week, with last gen starters down to $39.99, and next gen starters at $44.99. Fun Packs are back to normal price. Simpsons Level Packs are still down to $26.99 as well.


Walmart still has Jurassic World Team Packs down to $14.99, the cheapest price around. New preorders are available!

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Greg Pollock

Written by: Greg Pollock