Lego Dimensions Level Guides & Walkthroughs

Lego Dimensions is a massive game that covers dozens of franchises across multiple years of content! With each wave and release of Lego Dimensions we get more and more levels and worlds to explore! Below you will find a full guide to every level found inside Lego Dimensions! Our Lego Dimensions Level Guides include all 10 minikits, the rule breaker and rescue character!

The Level Guides are split into three sections:

  • Main Story – The Original 14 Levels & The Battle Against Lord Vortech
  • Story Packs – Additional Levels Allowing You To Replay Your Favorite Movies
  • Level Packs – Mini One Level Adventures That Allow You To Play Your Favorite Franchises

To visit the guides, just click on the image in the galleries below!

Lego Dimensions Main Story Walkthrough

Lego Dimension Story Pack Walkthroughs

Play through the story lines of some of your favorite movies with expansive six level adventures! Each story pack includes a new Portal build, minifigure and vehicle!

LEGO Batman Story Pack Walkthrough

Stop the Joker from destroying Gotham City!

Fantastic Beasts Story Pack

Save NYC from a horde of magical animals and a sinister creature.

Ghostbusters Story Pack

Battle through NYC and defeat Rowan to save the world from evil ghosts!

Lego Dimensions Level Pack Walkthroughs

Jump from Dimension to Dimension and relive some of the favorite moments from classic franchises or experience new adventures with your favorite characters!

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  1. Dick H. April 17, 2016 | Reply
    Is there a level guide for The Simpsons Level Pack that comes with Homer?
  2. Zim999 June 13, 2016 | Reply
    Question, where is the Back To The Future level pack guide?
  3. Thom W August 18, 2016 | Reply
    These guides are awesome, really concise and useful. Thanks for taking the time to do these!
    • Daniel Becker
      Daniel Becker August 18, 2016 | Reply
      Thanks for the kind words! We work hard! Hopefully we should have plenty more content for you soon! Working on adventure worlds right now!
      • John December 4, 2016 | Reply
        you make the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????
        • Rob December 4, 2016 | Reply
          or are you making the video
          • John February 17, 2017 |
            could be don't know
  4. Jacob Lubera September 20, 2016 | Reply
    Hope I Win Supergirl!!! I plan on asking my girlfriend to marry me with a real ring in Supergirl hard
  5. Melanie Gundlach October 2, 2016 | Reply
    Can't wait for you doing the Harry Potter Level Guide - this is sooo helpful! Thanx a bunch!
  6. Destiny October 2, 2016 | Reply
    I hope i win the sonic the hedgehog lego dimensions year 2 pack im a big fan and its his 25th anniversary i hope i win my world is sonic
  7. John November 28, 2016 | Reply
    I did not know how to beat back to the future but the guide helped
  8. John December 1, 2016 | Reply
    you know what they could have 100% adventure worlds
  9. Jenny December 25, 2016 | Reply
    My little boy has got the fantastic beasts story pack for Christmas. We set it all up ready for him to play but have had nightmares as he cant get into the battle arena. He said he thinks we need to "download the latest content" but it wont give us an option of how to do this :0( Please can anyone help us? Thanks
  10. Paco javier December 27, 2016 | Reply
    Muchas gracias bricks to life por sus videos de minikits al 100% me ayudaron mucho
  11. John White December 28, 2016 | Reply
    Thank You, for putting this together! I am becoming more excited about this as I go. I am hoping to suggest that LEGO Dimensions does: The Matrix ; Who Framed Roger Rabbit? ; and Transformers (The Cartoon Movie), through this forum. (Especially Transformers vs. Unicron). & I love the contest. THANK YOU!! :-D

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