LEGO Dimensions Lord Vortech Hidden Character Interactions & Dialogue!

Every character in LEGO Dimensions has a list of fun interactions they have when placed on the toy pad with other characters in game. Usually every character will react to a specific set of things, and it’s up to the writing team and game developers to think of fun and creative things for the character to say. Each character will respond to meeting specific characters in game, collecting a gold brick, meeting a giant big fig character, exiting and entering the game, traveling through a portal to a level or world, fighting enemies, upgrading vehicles and occasionally when two of the same characters are on the portal they will have a funny interaction.

Sloth Interacting With Superman

Sloth Interacting With Superman

Hidden away in the game files from day one of LEGO Dimensions is a file filled with tons of recorded lines for Lord Vortech, used specifically for when he is in game as an NPC (during boss battles). The file also included a stack of files not used for Lord Vortech, including tons of character interactions and in game responses. We’ve known about this file for sometime, accidentally stumbling upon it when looking for info in the game’s code about Rattman and finding a funny interaction where Vortech actually calls Batman a “Ratman.” But up to this point we haven’t shared the data. Recently it’s been leaked / shared in the community so we thought we’d take the time to actually compile it correctly for fans to listen to instead of everyone trying to access and listen to odd file types.


This information hasn’t exactly been hidden, for some of the community early in the game’s release, these files were quickly found and shared but as time moved on most people have forgotten them. The existence of these files is the strongest evidence yet that some type of playable figure was planned for Lord Vortech, wether or not he is ever released.

The awesome community over at LEGO Dimensions Wiki had already taken the time to list out most of these interactions and lines, but we found a few more they didn’t include and cut them together in a fun short little video for you to watch. These are all original recordings with Gary Oldman recorded for the original release of the game. Some of the lines may have been used in the game and we simply forgot, but for the most part it’s pretty clear that these are the interactions to characters and actions in the game as a playable character.

Lord Vortech Hidden Character Interactions Video

Here’s some of the lines transcribed from the LEGO Dimensions Wiki:

“Aww, a portal gun! How quaint.”

— Lord Vortech when seeing Chell.
“Let us, “master-build” a new dimension together, Wyldstyle.”

— Lord Vortech when seeing Wyldstyle.
“Some of us don’t need a fancy blue box to travel between dimensions, Doctor.”

— Lord Vortech when seeing The Doctor.
“You have no power here, “Grandad Stormcrow”! Or whatever your name was.”

— Lord Vortech when seeing Gandalf.
“This unity of ours is only temporary, “Ratman”.”

— Lord Vortech seeing Batman.
“You may look like me, but Lord Vortech has no equal.”

— Lord Vortech when seeing Lord Vortech.
“What? This thing can only go forwards and backwards in time? Boring!”

— Lord Vortech when riding the DeLorean Time Machine.
“Why is this silly thing a police box? I thought he was a doctor, not a policeman!”

— Lord Vortech when entering the TARDIS.
“Hmph. This machine isn’t that “mysterious”; It’s a van.”

— Lord Vortech when riding the Mystery Machine
“An impressive show of strength. See that it doesn’t disappoint me.”

— Lord Vortech when seeing a Big-Fig or riding a mech.
“Hmm… Home sweet home… Oh dear. It seems that I’ve left the place in a bit of a mess.”

— Possible line for Lord Vortech while in Vorton.
“Prepare to be knocked into another dimension!”

— Lord Vortech when entering combat.
“I leave the rest to you. Do not fail me.”

— Lord Vortech’s first quote when leaving the game.
“I have more pressing matters to attend to.”

— Lord Vortech’s second quote when leaving the game.

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