Lego Dimensions September 27th Wave 6 Recap!

Lego Dimensions Wave 6 is coming in less than 30 days! We’re so excited we have this countdown clock running:

The impressive list of new packs coming this September will keep you busy building, adventuring and collecting until the next wave in November. Included in the Wave 6 release you’ll have your pick of 1 Story Pack, 2 Level Packs, 2 Team Packs & a Fun Pack!

Here’s our quick breakdown of all the new Wave 6 packs! Make sure you check out our deals page for the best prices on pre-ordering!

Story Pack



Each story pack will focus on new levels and experiences that will allow you to replay the stories of some of your favorite movies. Each pack is said to contain six full levels of gameplay that will retell the plot of the movie franchises.

The story packs will include a new dressing for your portal, allowing you to remove the old round blue and grey portal and replace it with something specifically themed for the franchise. You’ll also get a new minifigure and vehicle!

The pack will retail for $49.99! 

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 11.24.31 AM

Ghostbusters (2016) Story Pack

  • Minifigure: Abby Yates – Unlocks all Ghostbusters as playable characters.
  • Vehicle: Ecto 1
  • Portal Build: Chinese Restaurant

Level Packs

This year’s Level Packs have been promised to offer twice the content that last year’s. Longer levels will offer all sorts of fun new puzzles and abilities!

These level packs will retail for $29.99!

Here are the Wave 6 Level Packs:

Lego Dimensions Wave 6

Adventure Time

Lego Dimensions Wave 6

  • Minifigure: Finn The Human
  • Vehicle: Jakemobile & Anicent War Elephant

Lego Dimensions Wave 6

Mission: Impossible

Lego Dimensions Wave 6

  • Minifigure: Ethan Hunt
  • Vehicle: IMF Scrambler & IMF Sports Car

Team Packs

Team packs will function the same way they did in Year 1. New abilities, game modes and builds will come with these packs! Remember that new franchises also unlock battle arena’s with their yellow bases!

These team packs will retail for $24.99!

Here are all the Wave 6 Team Packs:

Lego Dimensions Wave 6

Adventure Time

Lego Dimensions Wave 6

  • Minifigure: Jake The Dogg & Lumpy Space Princess
  • Vehicle: BMO & Lumpy Car

Lego Dimensions Wave 6

Harry Potter


  • Minifigure: Harry Potter & Voldemort
  • Vehicle: Hogwarts Express & Enchanted Car

Fun Packs


Only one Fun Pack is coming with Wave 6 in September, the A-Team pack. No major changes to the layout or content of the Fun Packs this year but we’ve seen a nice price drop from $14.99 to $11.99! Remember that the fun packs also unlock the battle arenas for that character’s franchise!

Lego Dimensions Wave 6

The A-Team


  • Minifigure: B.A. Baracus
  • Vehicle: B.A.’s Van

Gameplay Image Gallery

Check out some of the great images taken right from Wave 6 packs in this gallery below!

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