With the death of LEGO Dimensions, it came time for me to start packing up the toy pad, figures and builds, condensing them all down into one of my LEGO storage totes. When I stopped and looked at all the pieces of the disassembled cars, creatures, and gadgets I began to wonder just how many bricks made up the entire LEGO Dimensions collection. Then I started to think if there were any other sets I could possibly construct using these bricks…


So I headed to the popular ReBrickable website, a resource that allows you to log and categorize your existing LEGO sets, and began entering my collection in a fresh account. The fun thing about ReBrickable is the ability to enter every LEGO set you own, then explore almost every other LEGO set (including custom MOCs) based on the pieces you own to see if you can build any fun creations with the bricks available to you.

The results of my search were certainly interesting. But first, how about some stats.  You can check out the profile here.


  • LEGO Dimensions Total Sets: 63
  • LEGO Dimensions Collection Total Piece Count: 5,111
  • Approximate Value Of Dimensions LEGO Pieces: $1,361.02*
  • Total Minifigure Pieces: 382
  • Total LEGO Tires: 82
  • Total LEGO Printed Tiles: 32
  • Total LEGO Plant & Animal Pieces: 27

*Number is based off their algorithm that appears to be slightly flawed at the moment.

After exploring the catalogue of pieces and parts, I then took to their search function, excited to explore all the different sets and MOCs I’d be able to build with my 5,000+ pieces. Rebrickable’s search function is pretty easy to navigate, you can choose between looking for exact brick matches, or being a bit more lenient and looking for any matches as long as the brick is the same shape.

The results of the search were… depressing.

For Exact Match Builds (Official LEGO Sets Only) the results turned up… Zero matches. A few close calls but the best we did was 86.5%.


Expanding out to LEGO Sets & MOCs… Zero matches. A few close calls with some custom small MOC builds, but nothing remotely close to fun or interesting.


When we threw caution to the wind, and told the search to match any color brick, no rules, we turned up this.. only five sets you can build in completion even when you disregard color.


I guess this is the result of too many small bit pieces for all the gadget and vehicle builds, instead of anything substantial like core building bricks.

Guess my Dimensions sets will just get torn down and tossed into the huge big of LEGO sitting in our toy chest for now.

Have you made a special custom MOC just using Dimensions pieces? Let us see it! Show it off in the comments below!

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

Daniel is the owner of BricksToLife.com & ThemeParkTube.com - He's also a full time dad and husband. You can also find him on YouTube as Disney Dan!