Lego Dimensions Sonic Level Pack Revealed!

The big 25th Anniversary Sonic event is underway and the Lego Dimensions & the Sonic party merch area has debuted Sonic’s Level pack!

Make sure you check out the trailer for the new Sonic Level Pack here!

The level pack includes the Sonic minifigure (with gold ring) & two awesome vehicles!

Sonic Lego Dimensions Sonic Level Pack

The Sonic Speed Star car!


And The Tornado!


Check out the awesome vehicle transformations and if you look closely, the bottom corner gives a peek at the adventure world!

Sonic Lego Dimensions Sonic Level Pack

The fact that we’re getting The Tornado here in this pack isn’t a good sign that we’ll be seeing Tails or Knuckles in their own packs… best guess would be that the Sonic figure allows you to play as all three of the major characters after completing the level pack.

There is promises of more cool Sonic Lego Dimensions fun during the live stream which you can watch below! We’ll make sure to bring you more info as soon as it’s available! Hopefully the Sonic party will feature some gameplay!

Special thanks to @SegaBits on twitter for sharing the awesome photos!

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