LEGO Dimensions Top 10 Characters With JayShockBlast

This week our good friend & YouTuber JayShockBlast packed up his LEGO Dimensions figures for the last time, stashing them away in anticipation of Dimensions wrapping up for good… But before he did, he took one last opportunity to jump into the game and give us his Top 10 Characters from all 9 Waves over the past two years of releases.

Jay is one of our favorite LEGO YouTuber content creators, and he’s been helping us with content for a good while, so we thought it would be fun to let him take over this article and give you his Top 10!

Check out JayShockBlast’s video countdown of his Top 10 LEGO Dimensions characters here and read his reasons for picking these specific characters:

That’s a wrap folks! With the release of Wave 9 in LEGO Dimensions we come to a sad end for the BEST Toys To Life game ever released as far as I am concerned. Nine waves of fantastic franchises mashed together and interacting was amazing, and it was so cool to see so many pop culture classics interact with one another. With the game now finalized and the lineup complete, I decided to put together my Top 10 Favorite Characters from all nine waves of LEGO Dimensions. It is very heavy in LEGO Dimensions Year 2 characters, and that just goes to show how much better the team at TT Games got over time. THANK YOU to the team at TT Games for bringing this fantastical game to life. You should be proud.

fun packs - wickedwitch - 1453688810

10. The Wicked Witch – I never thought the Wicked Witch would be a character that made a list like this for me, but ultimately everything about her and the Wizard of Oz World. The animations, the way she melts with water and even refuses to go near it, right down to the way she sits on the broom when she flies. Such a fantastic character. I ended up using Harry Potter more in Year 2, but mostly because he was new and not because I liked him more.



9. Aquaman – I realize they basically ported Aquaman over from LEGO Batman 3, but he was in my top 10 on that game too where there were five or six times more characters, so why wouldn’t he make it here? I love the animations with Aquaman and a lot of his dialogue is great too. With Justice League coming out soon and Jason Mamoa playing him, I think the days of people making jokes about Aquaman are going to be over very soon.



8. Raven – I am not and have never been a big fan of Raven as a character or Teen Titans Go! as a thing, but both ended up being great in LEGO Dimensions. I love how sarcastic she is, and her powers are great too. Plus, who doesn’t love the way she channels her inner Darth Sidious?

Adventure Time_Finn & Jakemobile

7. Finn the Human – One of the great things about LEGO Dimensions is how it had the potential to expose people to new franchises they possibly never would have given a chance, and for me, that franchise was Adventure Time. I immediately bought all seasons on Blu Ray and wow, I am just in love. Finn is basically the ring leader of the gang, but was he the best Adventure Time character to make it into LEGO Dimensions?

lego dimensions beetlejuice

6. Beetlejuice – I grew up with Beetlejuice. Being young, Tim Burton’s weird world was just fascinating to me and being born on Halloween made me feel an attachment to the movie. Beetlejuice interacting with Batman and referencing Michael Keaton’s character in Birdman is the kind of fourth wall breaking that makes LEGO Dimensions so charming. On a personal note, I got to play Beetlejuice early when I was a guest of LEGO Dimensions at E3 2017, and I just remember how cool it was getting my hands on the figure so early.

Green Arrow

5. Green Arrow – I am a massive Green Arrow fan, both in the comics and on TV with Stephen Amell, so this one should be pretty obvious. I also paid $100 on eBay for mine because it was originally an E3 2016 exclusive, so you better believe I used him every chance I got. It was super cool using him in videos when he first came out, because almost no one had him.

team packs - scoobyshaggy - 1453688698

4. Scooby Doo – I’m such a dog lover and come on, it’s Scooby Doo! I wasn’t a big fan of the cartoon growing up, but his LEGO Dimensions character is full of charm so it’s tough not to fall in love. The animations are simply fantastic, from the way he walks, to the way he flaps his arms and glides right down to when he gets scared. My favorite Year 1 character by far.


3. Marceline the Vampire Queen – She may have had some problems out of the box with blank toy tags, but she was totally worth the wait. This is my second Adventure Time character on this list, and when you consider that I entered LEGO Dimensions knowing virtually nothing about the franchise, how much justice the game did. Marceline is awesome. I don’t know what’s better about her: the idle dancing, the transformations to vampire bat and werewolf or her random banter. Just kidding, the answer is they are all better and awesome and rule!


2. Sonic the Hedgehog – I mean, what can you say about Sonic The Hedgehog that hasn’t been said before. I would venture to guess that Sonic was the single most popular franchise in all of LEGO Dimensions, and some of the most popular videos on my channel being Sonic videos would back it up. I was a Sega Genesis kid and played tons of Sonic, so it was so cool seeing how he worked out with the LEGO Dimensions treatment. My only regret is that we didn’t get more playable characters.


1. Supergirl – from DC Comics – This is probably the most rare character of them all, mostly only available in the Year 2 starter pack on Playstation 4. I am a massive fan of the Red Lanterns, so the fact that she could do everything Superman did AND turn into a Red Lantern? AMAZING! I started using her for virtually everything. She may not be very unique in a lot of ways and she isn’t even on the radar as a favorite DC Comics character, but there is no doubt in my mind she was my favorite character to play with in all of LEGO Dimensions.

So what is your favorite LEGO Dimensions character? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Poolboy

    Hu? Please don’t tell me there is an OFFICIAL press release that LEGO Dimensions gets / got cancelled.
    As far as I know there isn’t, so please spare us the ” funeral eulogy”… at least for now. 😉

    By the way: I do like you top ten ranking!
    Some of my favorite characters are
    Dr. Who (love the show, so happy how (often) they implemented the TARDIS)
    Jake (most versatile character of this franchise) ^^
    Marcelline (loved her on Adventure Time, I’m a sucker for female bass-players and vampires, pun intended) ^^
    Supergirl (bought the PS4-Version just for her (50 Euros :D), she’s still in her plastic bag, but the portal doesn’t mind
    As a big fan of the A-Team SERIES (the movie was sooo sooo sooo bad) I also have to mention B.A. who I don’t use as often as I’d like to. However, his – let’s call it flightmode – makes me laugh every time. 🙂
    These were the first characters that popped into my mind, but the list could go and and on and… then stop. 😉
    Have a good one!:)

  • Jordan

    So bummed this came too late in the life of the TTL genre to complete their original vision.

    On a side note, any news on that story covering the plans for year 3?