Lego Dimensions “Undiscovered Secret” Update: The Hunt For Doug Rattmann

We previously reported on a fun little undiscovered secret teased by some of the Lego Dimensions producers. Well we’ve done a bit of digging and prodding and investigating and came up with a bit more information. As we continue our search for this hidden Year 1 secret, we will share our info in hopes that we as a community can come together and find it!

Thanks to some very generous hints from both Mark & Arthur we’ve narrowed down the “undiscovered secret” to the Portal 2 Adventure world. While we can’t find and quote the exact spot where it was mentioned, many community members do remember when the game developers teased that Rattmann was hidden away in the game.

Disclaimer: We have NO idea what the secret hidden Portal 2 Adventure World easter egg is, but we are guessing based on all the info we have that its Rattmann related. We are searching all over for the secret but until we find it we thought we would share our thoughts and info on it! Cheers. 

Who Is Doug Rattmann?


Fans of the portal series are most likely already familiar with Doug Rattmann, or at least his wild doodles and mad scrawling on the walls. He is / was an Aperture Science employee and one of the few survivors of GLaDOS original attack on the facility. While we won’t go digging too deeply into his background, you can find out everything you need to know about him here! Essentially his story runs in tandem with Chell’s, with his actions influencing events unseen in the game.

The Hunt For Doug Rattmann

Lego Dimensions Secret Portal 2 Doug Rattman

Doug Rattmann’s is as important to the story of the Portal Games as Chell or Cave Johnson, but he is entirely unseen in both games. We aren’t implying that he has a hidden minifigure NPC somewhere in the adventure world, but from the hint’s we’ve been given it’s pretty heavily implied that the secret has something to do with him.

Considering how wild and crazy the conspiracy theories about Rattmann go in the Portal community, and knowing how much the TT Games & Lego Dimensions team loves to go with really deep cuts and awesome easter eggs, it comes as no surprise to us that we are looking for some hidden Rattmann secret.

Doug Rattmann’s Messages

There are tons of messages hidden throughout the Portal 2 Adventure world, similar to the many messages scrawled behind the scenes in the many test chambers of the original two portal games. We aren’t entirely sure if these secret messages somehow help to find the final secret of the world… Most of the messages are generic, talking about cake and enemies, but a few of the messages might have hidden meaning.

Lego Dimensions Secret Portal 2 Doug Rattman

Is there a second floor kitchen hidden somewhere in one of the Adventure Worlds or Levels? Could Rattmann have escaped his dimension and hopped to another world?

Lego Dimensions Secret Portal 2 Doug Rattman

Invisible walls like the ones found around a Relaxation Chamber? Perhaps like the one found smashed at the bottom of the map the in the large sphere shaped room?

Lego Dimensions Secret Portal 2 Doug Rattman

Could Rattmann have become self aware of the fact that he’s a character inside a game?

Rattmann Message Gallery

While we aren’t sure if there is any secret meaning to these messages, we’ve put them together into a full gallery!

Portal 2 Hints

Disney Infinity 3.0 Screen Shot 10:25:16, 7.51 PM

Rattmann’s dens are usually fitted with a makeshift bed, empty cans of beans, and odd scribbles on the walls. There are two dens you can find in the Portal 2 Adventure World, on on the top of one of the many rooms outside the test chambers, the other hidden behind a GRAPPLE hook wall. But the secret teased to us is something that has gone undiscovered, and with these two dens easily found they certainly can’t be it.

Lego Dimensions Secret Portal 2 Doug Rattman

The big secret from the official Portal 2 game was finding Rattmann’s hidden den where you not only found some gorgeous artwork painted on the walls, but you could also faintly hear a ghostly voice of him chattering away. Finding his secret den wasn’t exactly easy either, check out this video showing the very specific portals you had to place to get to his hideout:

The final den (which also seals itself after you find it) has a hidden audio message that is very hard to make out but many have tried:

All these crazy hidden easter eggs makes us a little nervous about how crazy complicated this secret might be to find… or perhaps its wildly simple to find and were are just overthinking it…



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