Lego Dimensions Wave 6 New Abilities Guide

A whole bunch of new abilities have been unlocked with Wave 6 characters! From the new Fuse Box minigame puzzle to the Parsel Tongue doors, thesee new abilities are all neccessary to either complete Level Packs or collect all the gold bricks from Adventure Worlds.

Here is a full run down of all the new abilities added with Wave 6!


Lego Dimensions Wave 6 New Abilities

Match the four sets of shapes to unlock gates or solve puzzles!

Lego Dimensions Wave 6 New Abilities

Note: There are two different Intelligence Panels in the game, one traditional with card faces, the other with computer screen.

Wave 6 Characters with Intelligence: Abby Yates

Charge Transfer

Lego Dimensions Wave 6 New Abilities

Move energy from one powered terminal to another to power up gadgets or deactivate obstacles.

Wave 6 Characters with Charge Transfer: Abby Yates

Super Strength Handles

Lego Dimensions Wave 6 New Abilities

Use your strong characters to pull on the orange handles ripping apart obstacles or gates!

Wave 6 Characters with Super Strength Handles: Abby Yates, B.A. Baracus, Jake The Dogg

A-Team Master Build

Lego Dimensions Wave 6 New Abilities

Similar to Year 1’s Master Build with the Lego Movie characters, now you can rebuild Brown Glowing obstacles with any of the A-Team into new gadgets!

Wave 6 Characters with A-Team Master Build: B.A. Baracus

Fuse Box

Lego Dimensions Wave 6 New Abilities

Deactivate gadgets and gain access to secret areas using the Fuse Box! Play the “Snake” minigame and deliver the fuse to the red target!

Wave 6 Characters with Fuse Box: Ethan Hunt

Magno Gloves

Lego Dimensions Wave 6 New Abilities

Climb the tallest buildings or descend through tricky puzzles while stuck to the walls with the Magno Gloves!

Wave 6 Characters with Magno Gloves: Ethan Hunt

Scan Disguise

Lego Dimensions Wave 6 New Abilities

Take on the looks of another character in game to pass through security checks and gain access to hidden areas!

Wave 6 Characters with Scan Disguise: Ethan Hunt

Vent Access

Lego Dimensions Wave 6 New Abilities

Squeeze through tiny vents to get access to new or secret areas!

Wave 6 Characters with Vent Access: Jake, Lumpy Space Princess

Sword Switch

Lego Dimensions Wave 6 New Abilities

Use your sword to push the gear and trigger doors or find secret objects.

Wave 6 Characters with Sword Switch: Finn The Human

Cursed Red LEGO Objects

Lego Dimensions Wave 6 New Abilities

Only the cursed Demon Sword can destroy the objects built out of cursed Red LEGO!

Wave 6 Characters with Sword Switch: Finn The Human


Lego Dimensions Wave 6 New Abilities

There are several “new” magical spells that just give you some of the Year 1 Abilities such as Aquamenti = Water Spray. But there is a new magical spell that interacts with puzzles in the levels / worlds. Use Diffindo to cut through large red walls!

Wave 6 Characters with Diffindo: Harry Potter & Lord Voledmort

Parsel Tongue Doors

Lego Dimensions Wave 6 New Abilities

Talk to snakes to get extra pieces, unlock gates or reveal secrets!

Wave 6 Characters with Parsel Tongue Doors: Harry Potter & Lord Voldemort

BMO Dock

Lego Dimensions Wave 6 New Abilities

Jump into the digital world of BMO and adventure through his various games to unlock awesome prizes!

Vehicles With BMO Dock – BMO

Wave 6 Character Abilities Snapshot

Here is a quick snapshot of all the abilities each of the new characters have!

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • Melzinoff

    Doc Brown and the Doctor have Intelligence too…

    • Daniel Becker

      Yeah! We just highlighted what characters from Wave 6 have the ability!

    • Melzinoff

      Jake also has Vent Access!

  • Ry-guy

    Why doesn’t slimer have vent access? That seems like an oversight.

    • Greg Pollock

      He does.

    • ig88igloo

      Slimer has vent access.

  • Jakob

    Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for the listing. Especially the pictures are helpful as not all names are quite obvious.
    There are so many exclusive abilities this time. I wonder if this will continue with the next waves.
    I tried to collect all the characters from the previous waves with new abilities.
    But abilities like Super Strength Handles give me a hard time because also some vehicles have it.

  • Tennessee

    Jake also has vent access (he is i wave 6 also).

  • Bridget

    Who opens the new purple magic walls/magic portals? Example: Building in A-Team World. Harry Potter and Voldemort don’t do it.

    • Daniel Becker

      Raven does, you can’t open them yet! Got to wait until she comes out.

      • Bridget

        Oooooh! Thanks!

      • Chad

        It shows in AT level that LSP can open magic portal, is that an error?
        Thanks !!

  • Nick Wavell

    Why cant we switch back from a scokby snack to a normal character in the mystery dimension (i.e Cole from Ninjago)

  • Steve

    Any ideas if any of the Year 2 characters will have the Dive & Hacking abilities? I need Cyberman for a Gold brick on the Scooby free play world but if any of the new characters have it, it would open a new world for me to roam in?! 🙂

  • Hoffinatrix

    Who is the character with the lego construct ability?

    • Captain Treklin

      I just saw a video on youtube where a person somehow had the Supergirl character and was able to interact with construct locations as a red lantern. This implies to me that they will release more DC characters in the future, including some Lanterns like Hal Jordan and Sinestro.

  • Darknight

    There is a white circle with what can only be described as 4 “T’s” around the edge, in some of the new levels. Any Idea what these are?

    • Upthinker

      So far, the white circle appears to be a “lantern” circle. I’ve only been able to use it as Supergirl (using character change ability to swap to Red Lantern SG).

  • Baikes

    Sugergirl is the only character with construct ability (lantern) and is only available to own via the PS4 exclusive starter pack.