LEGO E3 2017 Booth Tour! Marvel Super Heroes 2, Worlds & Dimensions!

E3 has officially kicked off and the Warner Brothers LEGO Games booth is pretty awesome! The booth is packed with LEGO of all shapes and sizes and features the three main LEGO titles promoted by TT Games & WB: Marvel Super Heroes 2, Worlds & Dimensions! Check out our small gallery below to see all the great stuff the talented event team at TT Games & WB has put together!


The booth has a gorgeous set up with tons of demo stations and a big feature screen which will show off all the new trailers and gameplay featured during the three day show!

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2


A fully playable LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Demo is the big news of E3 2017 for LEGO Games! You will be able to take on the first big boss battle of the game, plus get a small tour of the Milano during the opening cinematic! The booth appears to have a small handful of demo stations, but the playable demo seems relatively short so we’re sure if you really want a chance to get your hands on at the booth you will get it!

The booth also includes a small gallery of big LEGO build figures showing off some of the new characters and teasing on of the mystery figures planning on being revealed later this week!

UPDATE! Medusa was the big reveal during the final day of the E3 live stream!


You can get nice peek of the Marvel section of the booth from these tweets from JayShockBlast as Arthur Parsons is getting interviewed by Marvel!

LEGO Dimensions Wave 9

LEGO e3 2017 Booth dimensions marvel worlds


The big focus of LEGO Dimensions for this year’s E3 is the upcoming Wave 9, which is set to drop mid September! The giant wall art features the three new Teen Titan characters powered up and ready for action! There are three demo stations that gamers can play at!

LEGO e3 2017 Booth dimensions marvel worlds


You will have your chance to get hands on gameplay with the new figures and can get a nice close up look at the new builds and minifigures in one giant awesome display! The giant round bubble case features almost every figure and build from the past two years of LEGO Dimensions and it is a really beautiful tribute to all the fun we’ve had so far!

LEGO e3 2017 Booth dimensions marvel worlds


Looking close in the center you can catch a glimpse at some of the Wave 9 figures and builds, debuted live and in person for the first time!

LEGO Worlds



Across from the two feature LEGO games is a small area set up for the very awesome LEGO Worlds featuring huge LEGO Bricks to kick back and relax on, and a demo of some of the new up and coming LEGO Worlds content!


A small display case shows off some of the featured sets in the game including the upcoming Classic Space sets! E3 attendees will be able to check out the upcoming DLC and play around inside LEGO Worlds in this cool little booth section!

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