LEGO Marvel 2 Gamescom Character Roster Update + Surtur Gameplay!

A whole new epic gaming convention and a whole new group of epic heroes introduced to LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2! With Gamescom 2017 underway, TT Games is back to show off more of the Marvel Heroes in action and some new characters we’ve never seen before!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Character List

Phil Ring & Will Evans from TT Games sat down with IGN Live to demo Chapter 7 of the new LEGO Marvel 2 game which takes players to Asgard along with Thor, Captain Marvel, Jane Foster, Loki & Captain America. In the climatic end battle for the level you will face off against Surtur himself, the giant flaming baddie featured in the upcoming Thor movie.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Character List

Other than an exciting gameplay and boss battle we also go another early look at some additional characters added to the roster. Thanks to the team switching between heroes in game, when the roster popped up we saw some new playable characters that got us pretty excited including:

  • Darkhawk
  • Spider Ham
  • Agent Colson
  • Heimdal
  • Horace
  • Captain America Pilot
  • Captain America Roberta Mendez
  • Maestro
  • Vormund
  • Tactical Force
  • Old West Iron Man
  • Quake
  • Terminatrix

Check out the video below with JayShockBlast doing a quick breakdown of some of the characters with a bit of background and history from both the IGN stream from 8/22 & the Twitch stream from 8/23!

Let us know what character you’re excited to see in the upcoming LEGO Marvel 2!

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  • Relatively Average

    Is this the complete character grid, or is it even bigger? The current grid does not look like the biggest roster ever..

    • Daniel Becker

      Each character has multiples inside each slot per the usual, but they continue to say this isnt the final grid.

      • Relatively Average


  • JayShockblast


  • Poolboy

    Spider-ham? You gotta be kidding me?! xD
    Still waiting for new info concerning LEGO Dimensions…

    • Poolboy

      Let’s hope Superheroes 2 runs smoothly and without any performance issues. I still don’t know if I’ll buy the Switch- or the PS4-version. What I really regret is, there’s no “Deluxe Version” (including the Season Pass) here in Germany.

  • CPGoldstein

    Hey DB and friends –

    I want to pre-order the new LD, MSH2 & Ninjago from Best Buy as I buy quite a few things from them and like to rack up the points. I noticed that there is no more pick up, but only shipping. My question is for anyone that has bought from Best Buy and have had it shipped – since the new LD characters are released on the 12th, will it be shipped prior and arrive in my hands on the 12th? Or will it ship on the 12th and I will get it a day or two later? Many thanks in advance! – CPG