LEGO Marvel 2 Kinda Funny Cameos Announced + New Video!

During the annual Extra Life gaming marathon to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a fun little LEGO Marvel 2 announcement was made by the team over at Kinda Funny Games hosted by Game Over Greggy!

LEGO Marvel 2 Kinda Funny Games

It was revealed earlier this year that Greg Miller would be voicing Howard The Duck in the new Marvel LEGO Game, but now we know the rest of the Kinda Funny team will also have some fun cameos in game.

The team announced that during their stream if they could raise $75,000 they would reveal their involvement in the game, and what characters they would be voicing. Originally the goal was $80,000 but somewhere in the stream they dropped the amount. About 24 hours into the stream they hit the $75k mark and jumped into some LEGO gameplay.


Starting at 1:11:06 in this video Greg begins the introduction to the announcement if you’d like to watch.

Looks like the team over at TT Games prepped some gameplay videos for the guys to show off their VO skills. The guys actually show off the youtube URL in the video so we thought we’d just save you the time and drop them in here!

Greg as Howard The Duck – The level with Howard The Duck shown during the stream was actually a level shown off at NYCC where players can play a LEGO version of the Comic Con. This clip also shows Howard transforming into Iron Duck.

Nick as Spider Ham – A team up mission with Spider Ham is revealed where he needs help finding his friends.

Tim as Throg – The frog Thor needs some help rescuing the Frogfolk from the Rat infested terrors of the swamp.

Kevin as The Tinkerer – The Tinkerer reveals his giant Sentinel creation which you have to battle.

Let us know what you think of these new character Voice Over reveals in the comments below!

Also make sure to head over to Extra Life and donate if you haven’t done so already!


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