LEGO Marvel 2 On Switch To Support 2 Player With 1 Joy-Con

The Nintendo Switch is simply taking off this year as one of the greatest game consoles ever made. Kids, adults, and families alike all seem to love this console for its portability, family friendly content and multiple gameplay options.


One of the great and unique features of the Switch is the ability to pull off the two Joy-Cons and use them as independent player 1 & 2 controllers for select games. Big titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe have used this console feature to make quick co-op easy (and affordable with no costly second controller).

The team behind LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 saw this as an awesome opportunity to make co-op play even more fun and built this unique two player single Joy-Con control option into the upcoming game’s release.


Confirmed to us by Arthur Parsons at NYCC this year, this little bonus feature of the game hasn’t been touched on yet by anyone. Seeing Arthur’s excitement over this brilliant idea got us super excited too. He made a really great point as to why this co-op controller set up is so great:

Families investing a big chunk of cash into a new console for Christmas Morning may often not be able to afford, or sometimes just straight up forget to purchase a second controller to make sure everyone can have fun playing the new games. LEGO Marvel 2 is a sure thing for Christmas morning where you can instantly jump into two player on your Switch without having a pro controller or second Joy-Con set.


Arthur promised that the gameplay using the sideways Joy-Con is really intuitive and easy to pick up. (Thank goodness because we had an awful time with the sideways Mario Kart controls!)

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Written by: Daniel Becker

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