LEGO Ninjago Movie Game Trailer Breakdown!

Today we got our first look at the new LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game and we are super excited! The trailer showed off a ton of gameplay, characters, enemies, and more. We went through the trailer almost frame by frame and put together a complete breakdown & close up of everything you saw.


If you want to watch the entire trailer you can here, then scroll down and check out our breakdown of everything you just saw!

The Heroes


If you aren’t familiar with the LEGO Ninjago franchise this trailer did a great job of introducing you to the line up of seven main characters and heroes of the movie. Each of the Ninjago Ninjas has their own unique ability, weapon or gameplay style. The game promises that each of the heroes will be upgradeable, allowing you to power up attacks and abilities.

The Villains


Garmadon is the main villain of the film and you will have to defend against him and his Shark Army as they attack Ninjago City. The trailer also shows off some of the more generic enemy spawn that you will face throughout the levels including members of the Shark Army & Black Warriors.

The Mechs

LEGO Ninjago Movie Game

The gameplay trailer will full of Mechs from both the heroes and the bad guys. Both Lloyd’s Green Dragon & Jay’s Lightning Jet are featured throughout the trailer in what looks like some great vehicle missions from the game.

A few of the Shark Army’s giant mechs show up in the trailer as they attack Ninjago City & the ninja heroes including the Snapping Crab, Flying Jelly Sub & the Manta Ray Bomber! We also get a quick look at Garmadon’s massive Shark Mech!

Here’s a side by side look at each of the Mech’s and their real life LEGO set counter parts. Notice how the sets here in the game are near identical to the physical sets, so expect to get a much better idea of what all the other future sets will look like as more gameplay and info is released about this game!

The Combat & Gameplay

Some great abilities and skills were shown off in the trailer for the Ninjago Heroes which highlight the power of Ninjagility! Each character has unique abilities, weapons and attacks that can be used to solve puzzles and take down enemies quickly.


Kai shows off his Spinjitzu power in this spinning sword combo attack!

A preview of the Ninjagility Wall Running & High Jump abilities were shown off in the trailer.

LEGO Ninjago Movie Game

Lloyd’s Dragon & Jay’s Jet show off the vehicle based missions and gameplay will be part of the story!

The overall gameplay and fight mechanics look fun and fluid, lots of great combos and special weapon attacks to keep the game combat fresh.



The game promises 8 action packed locations for you to explore and the trailer primarily shows only one, Ninjago City. But if you watch closely you can also spot the Ninjas battling through a snake inspired temple ruins. Will the Ninjago team be facing off against the Serpentine in the film too?

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game will be out September 22nd in tandem with the official film release. It will be available on Switch, PS4, Xbox One & PC! Make sure you pre-order the game!

Let us know what you thought of the trailer in the comments below!

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