LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game Codes! Secret Unlocks & More!

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game is packed with over 100 characters for you to find and unlock as you play through the 8 awesomely fun open world levels. You can unlock these characters by hunting down the LEGO minifigure blind bags and opening them up OR you can do a little bit of cheating and pop in some of the several secret unlock codes!

These codes have come from all over including promotional poly bags, McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys, Gamestop, and more!

LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game Codes

Check out the full list of LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game codes below! We will add more as they pop up! It should be noted that most of these characters can be unlocked through normal gameplay and are not exclusives to these codes, these are just a helpful way for you to boost your roster early on!

  • Highschool Jay – XVTULS
  • Highschool Cole – SMMNCC
  • Highschool Kai – 2WYU16
  • Highschool Zane – 5NHRS5
  • Ceremonial Robes Nya – 8755Q9
  • Polybag Lloyd – H7HGT3
  • Mystery Character – EFZ2XR
  • Garmadon In Pajamas – LLPQ6X

Found a code that isn’t on this list?!?! Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to the following folks for helping us collect these codes:

  • Scott Buress (@ExtremeGamer)
  • Luiz (@972_404)
  • Spencer Robertson (@SR201955)

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  • Luna

    This code did NOT work on PS4 — 2WYU16

    • Fin


    • Fin


    • TacoTuesdayPlayz

      Nor on Nintendo Switch

  • lprot

    For PC version:

  • JohnMac

    The mystery character is actually the female Shark Army general from the collectible minifigure set

  • John Estrada Guardado

    Training Kai-2W9UFG

  • Jonathan

    2w9ufg – training kai

  • Bogdan

    2WYU16 Didn’t work on PC

    • Jill

      It doesn’t work in Nintendo switch either

    • Jeff

      And Ps4

  • Hway

    2W9UFG training kai

  • CPGinGA

    What are the blue arrows with a countdown number for? Thanks!

    • Kris

      To show you how close you are to where you need to be.

  • Runway

    KU92UG: Sushi Chef

    • mike

      ty it works

  • Autumn

    Has anyone found the secret ninja base? I have looked everywhere!

  • Cinn

    Cannot play free play without the secret ninja base. I am unable to locate. Please help 😐

  • Jordon

    This code doesn’t work for Xbox : 2WYU16

  • Dan

    How do you do the Spinjitzu moves? Been trying to help my son but can’t figure it out???

    • Zaid Shaik

      you cant do spinjitzu until you reach a certain part in the uncrossable forest.when you reach that part,hold the b button to charge up(xbox) and use the left joystick to aim.let go of b to shoot charged spinjitzu

  • Timmy

    Love this

  • 12man

    nop ……….

  • Brayden

    It doesn’t work on the switch either

  • ak47

    not h7h gt3 on ps4 didn’t work

  • ak47

    can’t you hold b or circle that is how you do spinjitzu

  • hvhcgcggcgcj

    Cole (High School) SMMNCC
    Garmadon (Pajamas) LLPQ6X
    General #1 EFZ2XR
    Hot Dog Man 733FW8
    IT Bat Nerd BFJPNE
    Jay (High School) XVTULS
    Kai (High School) 2WYU16
    Kai (Training) 2W9UFG
    Koko 326CG6
    Lloyd (Hoodie) D9TZ39
    Lloyd (Kendo) H7HGT3
    Master Wu 5AGF4Y
    Nya (Ceremonial Robes) 8755Q9
    Shark Army General #1 9R37MR
    Sushi Chef KU92UG
    Zane (High School) 5NHRS5

  • Dm

    Cheat code for explosives

  • Scott bayliss

    Hi all how do you replay missions in free play mode as finished the story and saying free play unlocked but will only let me play in story mode so can’t choose characters anyone can help please as on PS4