LEGO The Incredibles Video Game! Watch New Teaser Trailer!

Disney returns to LEGO video games with the newly announced LEGO The Incredibles Video Game coming this June to PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch! The first Pixar LEGO title is dropping along side the theatrical release of The Incredibles 2 on June 15th!

Watch the brand new official teaser trailer below that was just shared on Twitter:

You can preorder the game now on Amazon!

The new LEGO The Incredibles game will cover both the original and sequel with action packed levels full of fun and adventure! The teaser trailer shows off the full Parr family, including Mr. Incredible (Bob), Mrs. Incredible (Helen), Dash, Violet & Jack Jack. We also get a peek at supporting characters Frozone & Edna Mode.

A fun peak at some of the game’s features thanks to the WB press release:

lego the incredibles video game

Family Teamwork For The Win

  • Work together and combine the Parr family’s iconic abilities and unique powers to build amazing, massive LEGO structures. With Mr. Incredible’s unparalleled super strength, Elastigirl’s flexible transformations and the rest of the gang’s awe-inspiring gifts, teamwork has never been so much fun.

Fight Crime One District At A Time

  • To rid the city of crime, complete action-packed side missions and defeat iconic Super Villains that control the city districts in an open-hub world, including Municiberg, in a brand-new exciting free-play experience.

Character Customization With A Twist

  • Modify your character’s appearance and abilities using a customizer themed to Edna “E” Mode, the diminutive, but bombastic fashion designer of super hero outfits.

Preorder the game now on Amazon!

LEGO The Incredibles Teaser Gallery

Check out some stills from the teaser trailer & press release here!

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