LEGO Worlds Ancient Arch DLC Now Available


The third brick build for the ancient theme was just discovered inside the Brick Build Showcase.  While this build does not bring anything new to the game in the form of discoverable objects, it does bring the Spartan Warrior playable character. The Ancient Arch is a beautiful addition to the game.

Ancient Arch

Ancient Arch


Ancient Arch Discoverable Objects

Ancient Arch Discoverable Objects

  1. Terracotta Vase
  2. Stone Lounger
  3. Marble Vase
  4. Marble Urn
  5. Terracotta Urn

All of the discoverable objects are clustered nicely for a great group shot.  A pesky troublemaker made a guest appearance.

Spartan Warrior

Spartan Warrior

To unlock the Spartan Warrior, defeat a set of enemies.  The Spartan Warrior will throw you his spear to show your mission is complete.

This ancient build is only available for a limited time inside the Brick Build Showcase.  Make sure you discover it before it is lost to time! The Ancient Arch is available now until January 3rd inside LEGO Worlds. Be sure to check out the Ancient Temples and Ancient Triple Arch to round out your Ancient theme. As always, let us know in the comments below or over on social media what you think about this build.

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