LEGO Worlds Baby Fire Dragon Unlock Guide

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If you’re out hunting for Baby Dragons or Dragon Younglings in LEGO Worlds, here’s a quick guide on how to find the Baby Fire Dragon! We’ve actually outlined a majority of the steps already in our previous Dragon Wizard Unlock Guide, so you will need to repeat these steps leading you up to the point where you have the Dragon Egg in your possession.

LEGO Worlds Baby Fire Dragon Unlock Guide


  • Fire Dragon Egg (See Dragon Wizard Guide)
  • Steak

LEGO Worlds Baby Fire Dragon

Repeat the steps from the Dragon Wizard quest line by trading the crystal, dino tooth, and water pistol, finally leading to you ending up with the Fire Dragon Egg again.

LEGO Worlds Baby Fire Dragon

Take this egg to the closest source of lave that you can find, you can even use your landscape tool to make some!

LEGO Worlds Baby Fire Dragon

Toss the egg into the hot lava and BOOM you’ve just hatched a baby dragon!

LEGO Worlds Baby Fire Dragon

In order to collect him you will need to have some STEAK in your inventory. Feed the dragon adn then discover him to add him to your creature collection!

LEGO Worlds Baby Fire Dragon

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LEGO Worlds Baby Fire Dragon Unlock Video

Special thanks to PackAttack04082 for his video guide on this awesome unlock!

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  • Roberto

    Cool, but what about the other babys…

    • Legodude

      I know right like how do you find then

  • CreeperMike78

    I got the candy egg from a the queen after painting her red carpet.

  • Creeper king

    I know how to get the baby fire dragon but what about the rest the baby Forest Dragon night dragon candy dragon what about the rest there’s no known info about them but the Forest man keeps offering Quest is with different baby hatchlings

  • Dann

    All baby dragon eggs get tossed into the lava to hatch the. Baby fire dragon wants you to feed it a steak baby night dragon wants a pumpkin head baby snow dragon wants a snowball baby forest dragon want some grass man lol and baby water dragon wants an orange fish.

  • Allisia Montaya Abalo

    LOL. It’s so funny watching adults get frustrated about some damn Dragon Eggs on a Lego Game…..myself included. I’ve had these fuckin eggs for like a week and had no idea I had to hatch it. Wtf. I thought I’d find baby dragon with momma dragon laid up somewhere eventually. I REALLY NEED TO CHILL WITH THIS GAME. 🤣

    • Ryan Rogers


    • Ryan Rogers

      MY LEGO WORLDS HAD TO UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maisie

    How do I feed It?