LEGO Worlds Classic Space DLC Delayed To July 25th

The first big paid DLC for LEGO Worlds which was revealed at E3 and set to release on July 5th has been delayed until the 25th. Fans eager to download and explore the new moon biome, space station builds and vehicles were met with an announcement on social media that pushed the release date of the $3.99 DLC back three weeks to the end of July.


We originally reported based off the official press release from Warner Brothers & TT Games back during E3 that the Space DLC would be releasing on July 5th. You can read the original press release below:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games and The LEGO Group announced that the Classic Space, the first downloadable themed content pack for LEGO Worlds, will be available July 5 for $3.99. The Classic Space Pack will include brand new quests, characters, builds, and vehicles from the wildly popular LEGO Space playsets. Players can blast off and explore the farthest reaches of space and embark on new adventures with friends as they travel across Worlds in a Space Buggy, fly through the atmosphere in the Space Cruiser, excavate the new Moon biome in the Mineral Detector, or land the one man spaceship on the new Classic Space Theme World!

Up until yesterday’s deadline no official word of a delay or change in plans had been hinted at or announced. Other than a typo on the official press release, that likely should have been caught pretty quickly, there really is no other explanation for the delay.

When asked about the new release date, LEGO Worlds’ Official Twitter responded:

What ever the reason for the delay I am sure that the first of hopefully many DLC packs will be awesome! Shame we have to wait a few extra days but as you wait make sure to check out their latest LEGO City Emergency DLC that we previewed here!

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  • Wayne Myatt

    I think it would have been better for Lego to have held off on those additional buildings last week until July 5 and people wouldn’t have been so disappointed because nothing quite makes up for delays than getting free stuff. Either way, we will still get it.

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    TT games ticks me off more and more every year.

  • Chrislin payne

    I need legos for my granddaughter oh my goodness mid summer is setting in and this child needs new inspiration. So save grandma’s sanity. Have a contest

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