LEGO Worlds Codes – Unlock LEGO Sets!

One great thing about LEGO Worlds is how it’s able to bring both classic and new LEGO sets to life in a digital playground. In an amazing partnership between the digital playground that is LEGO Worlds and the physical building sets that are LEGO, certain vehicles have special codes packaged in the box for you to build in real life then unlock in the digital world!

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find a gallery and code list!

How To Find LEGO Worlds Codes

Check to see if any of your new 2017 LEGO sets feature a code! The build instructions should feature a page like this:

These codes are NOT unique and can be shared with friends! So share the codes with us in the comments below!

To unlock these bonuses and enter the codes you just need to visit the main title screen after loading your save before joining a game and select the code entry button. We will keep an updated list of the codes here ready for you to use!


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LEGO Worlds Codes – Vehicle Unlocks

Here’s our gallery of both the vehicles you can unlock and what they look like from the official LEGO building sets! Check out the images or the list of codes below!

LY9C8M – Lock & Roller – NEXO KNIGHTS

XP3BN2 – Lance’s Driller – NEXO KNIGHTS

P42FJ6 – Police Car – LEGO City

BG7DWK – Getaway Car – LEGO City

U98BR2 – Pizza Van – LEGO City

BR1CK5 – Unlocks All Bricks

F1XTRS – Unlocks All Windows And Doors

Special Thanks To The Folks Who Provided Us With Codes:

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  1. Lloyd Hannesson March 8, 2017 | Reply
    This is the smartest idea ever. Loved the unlocked in LEGO City Undercover, this is even better!
  2. David March 9, 2017 | Reply
    I found this one U98BR2 – Pizza Van – LEGO City
  3. Devon March 12, 2017 | Reply
    Are there land codes you can enter ?
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  5. Alex March 20, 2017 | Reply
    You missed BR1CK5 (unlocks all bricks) and F1XTRS (unlocks all doors and windows).
    • Kahlarya April 3, 2017 | Reply
      Doesn't work on PS4 😢. I'm literally stuck can't find 29 fixtures and fittings! Tried this a couple of times with caps without etc, Neither code works for PS4. Had to restart my game after 170 hours becuase of all the glitching, quests not showing towns not showing etc, second time around managed to get all the bits a lot quicker but these same fittings and fixtures can not find them anywhere, we so need a photo list and where to find them for the fittings and fixtures there seems to be a list of everything else but these 😞.
      • Andrew April 28, 2017 | Reply
        It's happening with me as well the codes for BR1CK5 and F1TRS don't work.
  6. 5aki March 29, 2017 | Reply
    It does work on xbox one
  7. Swampy March 30, 2017 | Reply
    Doesn't work on my Xbox one, help
  8. A human April 1, 2017 | Reply
    Both of the codes Alex shared work on Xbone but only if you have the new update , also currently all dlc is only for PS4 , hope this helped

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