LEGO Worlds Coming To Nintendo Switch On September 5th!

While we’ve had plenty of teases over the past few months about LEGO Worlds making it’s way to the incredibly popular Nintendo Switch, and now we finally have date! The game will release for the Switch on September 5th and will cost $39.99!

The $39.99 price tag will include two free DLC bundles including Classic Space (and we are assuming Agents).  Not sure if they will give special treatment to the Switch fan base by providing some of the great bundles of characters we’ve already had access to like Nexo Knights, LEGO City Emergency and more. When we get that info we will share it!

The game is already available for pre order on: 

You will now be able to take it on the go anywhere which is pretty exciting! We will share more details about the release when we get them!

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Daniel Becker

Written by: Daniel Becker

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  • sekihan

    That’s a few weeks earlier than what Chris Rose stated in an interview at E3 (last week of September to October timeframe was what they projected). But he did state he was suprised to see the Switch version work so well on their first build (with a playable Switch demo just in time for E3).

  • Dapigin

    Hey, I need to show you something for lego dimensions: Fern is on the hint box. Knowing your inside info, do you know any information on this?

  • Poolboy

    Who is Fern anyway? ^^

    Played it on PS4, but not for very long. Was fun, though. ^^

  • Jimmie

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  • Relatively Average

    I also have some news about Dimensions. One Xbox On, the Wave 9 update released a month and a half early, adding character spotlights, red bricks, and the main menu advertisements for wave 9. Why was this update released so early? Also, I imagine that this update will allow anyone with early access to the packs, whether it be shady or not, can now use the packs in the game.