LEGO Worlds Dragon Wizard Unlock Guide

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First things first: Your best bet is to wait until you have 100 bricks and can create your own worlds, that way you can create the specific biomes you need. Asking me for the galactic coordinates or seed is NOT going to help you. These are all custom maps and WILL NOT work in your game.

When you get 100 Gold Bricks, you can simply create your own maps and it will be easier. Second, do all the quests. Very specifically, there is a quest for Spooky Girl where you have to build 15 fences, 3 tombstones and 5 dead flowers for her. Once you have at least done that, the only Green Dot quest you need is for Spooky Girl in the Lawless Lagoon as shown in this video.Third, do all of these in this order and you will get the Dragon Wizard. Easy!

LEGO Worlds Dragon Wizard Unlock Guide


  • Biomes:
    • Lawless Lagoon
    • Crystal Crags
    • Rowdy Rainforest
    • Curious Canyon
    • Wicked Wasteland
  • Do NOT have the Water Pistol in your inventory.
  • Green Cave Mushroom
  • Orange Cave Mushroom
  • Pumpkin Head [Collectible] x 2
  • Red Crystal (one needed prior to this quest line)

LEGO Worlds Dragon Wizard

1. Find Spooky Girl in Lawless Lagoon and complete her Green Dot quest. This mission is RARE and may take you generating and visiting a few worlds to find her and complete this quest.

LEGO Worlds Dragon Wizard

2. Go to Crystal Crags and find a Jewel Thief walking around with a bubble looking for a red crystal. Initiate a trade with her and get the Dino Tooth.

LEGO Worlds Dragon Wizard

3. Go to Rowdy Rainforest and find a Dino Hunter with a dino tooth in a bubble above her head. She will be walking around with a water pistol. IF YOU HAVE THE WATER PISTOL IN YOUR INVENTORY IN ADVANCE OF THIS QUEST, SHE WILL NOT INITIATE A TRADE. Sell your Water Pistol to the Hot Air Balloon Trader. 

LEGO Worlds Dragon Wizard

4. Go to Curious Canyon and look for a Fisherman with a water pistol in a bubble above his head. Trade the water pistol for a Fire Dragon Egg!

LEGO Worlds Dragon Wizard

5. Go to Wicked Wasteland and find a Dragon Wizard! Beat him up and give him the Fire Dragon Egg when he asks for it. Use your discovery tool to scan and add him to your character list!


This guide was created and shared by our buddies JayShockBlast & PackAttack04082!  Watch their unlock videos below for additional help!

LEGO Worlds Dragon Wizard Video Guides

Check out these video guides from JayShockBlast & PackAttack04082!

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  • Williquah

    Thanks for the guide! Couldn’t find any information anywhere!

  • Dark Cheek

    whats coordinates for sppoky girl quest?

    • Lego Worlds.TM

      its random

  • Kate

    Struggling to discover the dead flowers for the spooky girl quest. What biome are they on?

    • Mgreenough

      They are charred flowers from the volcano biome

  • lexewolf

    Guys, where do i find the orange/yellow mushroom? I found the green one but thats it…

    • ThatLitHorse

      You find them in caves, somewhere though..

  • frenchman

    hi thanks !
    i have 147 gold bricks, i tried many time but i don’t find the spooky girl in the lawless lagoon.
    Also do you know where/how to find the silver weapon and a gem for wolfere and minautor ?

    thanks a lot

    • LegoPrincess

      You’ll have to do the spooky girl quest in the spooky woods area to unlock her first. Then she’ll appear in the lagoon.

    • This guy

      Spooky girl is in the spooky swamp area

    • ThatLitHorse

      You may find her in weird woods, but its only one of the quests I think

  • Kaleisahe

    What if you already have all of the quest items but the dragon egg?

  • mckenzie

    where do you find the spooky pumpkin heads needed for spooky girl?

    • AwesomeIz

      i got pumpkin head from the balloon trader

  • Homer

    Pumpkin heads in wired woods where u need to do spooky girl quest before she will appear in lagoon. U need to do quests in the right order no shortcuts I tried.

  • lilyth23

    fau-il mélanger touts les biom en 1…..le biom large c’est le quel des 4…petit au très grand
    par contre sur un autre site ils disent de prendre un biom non customisé et rajouter ceux en custom??

  • Glatiator

    I am having trouble can anyone help plz

  • Wombate

    Lame. Did all this, got to dragon wizard and he was under attack. just killed the baddies around him and he was mine. I didn’t give him an egg, and this was all a lot of wasted time. However I cant say how rare it is for him to get attacked randomly… I would guess you can skip any parts of this that you already have the quest item for.

  • WolfBoy646

    Question.. what if you have all the items but didn’t go through the entire process?

  • YoungVarmet

    Hey guys where do you find the culiberal I can’t find it anywhere where

  • YoungVarmet

    I really need yalls help


    What are the coordiantes for the dragon wizard quest?


      I cant find them anywhere else on the internet…

  • Trina

    Spooky girl is in weird woods not lawless lagoon

  • Trina

    Well she doesn’t appear in lawless lagoon until you have done her gold brick quest in weird woods

  • ?????

    I cant find spooky girl!! Is there a quest before here??

  • furret

    how to find the cauldron for the spooky girl ?
    help me please!

  • Professaur

    Cauldron is randomly located in weird woods.

  • atm101010

    I found Spooky Girl in Weird Woods but she won’t give me her quest. She has a question mark above her on the map. Can anyone help? She is just standing there and won’t do anything.

    • The MKAM


  • Christina Dennett

    I lost the fire egg defeating the wizard. How do I find a new one?!?! Please help

  • Does it have to be a huge world, or will large work? It’s getting really old searching huge worlds and never finding the spooky girl.