LEGO Worlds Font Kit! Write In The Sky! [PC]

One of favorite new digital brick artists Plastic Hymn has done it again with a beautiful font set for LEGO Worlds! Now you can turn your gorgeous LEGO biome scenery into inspirational posters or dazzle up your builds with cool logos and text. He first showed off his text creations in a post early January wishing everyone a Bricktacular 2018, and now the font he worked so hard on is yours to play with!


You’ve previously seen some of Plastic Hymn’s talented LEGO artwork in the most recent 60th Anniversary Brick build, and as the winner of the Winter building contest with his giant snowman! Now he’s returned with a new batch of tools that you can use in your own builds (provided you’re building on a PC).

PC users can find instructions and examples of the font on the Steam community forums here. Fair warning, this font is gigantic, so the draw distance in game might pose a problem if your sky quotes are too long winded.


You can download the files required to add these letters to your LEGO Worlds PC Steam game here. Just follow the simple directions and they will be available for you in game to play around with.

Make sure to share your creations with us on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram, and don’t forget to say hello to Plastic Hymn on Twitter! Give him a follow here:

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