LEGO Worlds Monsters DLC Character Unlock Guide

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The new LEGO Worlds Monsters DLC is here and it’s packed with a bunch of fun new characters for you to unlock and play with! If you need some help figuring out how to unlock them, we’ve got you covered!

Thanks to our good friend JayShockBlast you have both our quick written tips & a fun video made for each character! Make sure to let us know in the comments if you need any other help with these new characters or any other missions!

LEGO Worlds Monster DLC Character Unlock Guide

There are some basic spooky townspeople that are easy to unlock and don’t require a mission or any assistance. We won’t really focus much on theme in this guide!

Note: For some of these characters you can spot them in other places, we are just including how we unlocked them to help you out in your hunt! If you unlocked them in some different way, let us know in the comments below!

Monster Scientist

You will need a special code to unlock this character from the main menu! So here’s the code:


Bat Monster

This Man Bat is part of the Monster Graveyard Brick Build! Make sure you save this from the Brick Build main menu showcase! Once you place the build in your world he will ask for a red apple, hook up this bat with some fruit and he will be all yours!

Mr. Good & Evil

You can find Mr. Good & Evil’s labratory right in the middle of Monster Town (it’s easy to spot, just covered in purple & green glowing slime.) Make sure you take a moment to discover all the stuff both in and out of his laboratory because you will need these pieces later!

At his lab, chat him up and he will ask your assistance in clearing up the goo covering the building. To clear out this goo we spawned a firetruck to wash it away.

You can also save him from a banshee attack in another section of the town. Like we stated above, there are multiple ways to unlock a few of these characters! So if you’re struggling with one, just head off in the world and I am sure you will find another chance!

Lord Vampyre’s Bride

When you first drop into the game you will find one gold brick on the map, and it’s off in the corner of the Monster Town world, high up atop a rickety old stone spire in an abandoned castle. Climb up to the top of this castle to meet Lord Vampyre’s Bride who needs your help in setting up a lab for her husband.

This is where you will need the items from Mr. Good & Evils’ lab but you’ll likely notice you are missing the Orange Monster Vat. In the castle area behind the Bride is a ladder you can climb down into a secret area with the Orange Monster Vats to be discovered (or you can take the easy way out and just use the FLATTEN tool to clear away everything and reveal the vats).

Assemble the lab for the Bride and she will become discoverable!

Fly Monster

We found Fly Monster in the lower area outside of Monster Town, he is worried about sneaking spiders trying to eat him up, so help him clear out the area of a handful of spiders and he will be your good friend!

When he eventually asks you to lead him to the giant Fly Monster statue in a follow up quest, head over to the same area with the giant Lord Vampyre Bride Castle (its just behind it)!

Chicken Suit Guy

Chicken Suit Guy is just looking for fun photo with a Spooky dude in the city. You will find him in the Monster Town area near the candy festival. Roam around with him & your camera and snap a picture with Mr. Good & Evil to unlock him!


Pacing around the center of Monster Town is the Witch who has a quest for you to help her obtain the complete Witch package. Help her complete the look with a flying broom & black cat!

  • The Black Cat is found all over the world and is hunting for some fish bones. Search in outside lower area of the map for a green pond with a floating dead fish to collect it, then share it with the cat to discover it.
  • The Flying Broom was already in the game but if you need to spot it, just head outside of Monster Town to the lower area and poke around a bit and eventually one will pop up.


The Banshee is a little preoccupied with getting her mausoleum built in preparation for a big party. Find her in the grave yard area of Monster Town and help her complete the build of her tomb.

Skeleton Guy

Spooky Boy

We’ve already found four different missions that could allow you to unlock Spooky Boy from helping his sister out of a bunch of tree roots, to giving him ice cream for his first night trick-or-treating. These missions are pretty easy and he is found all over Monster Town.

Find Skeleton Guy hanging out in the Monster Town area by a funny little statue made of Candy. Snag a photo with him and his new candy statue to unlock!

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  • Reyblock

    That’s not all the characters If u look properly there’s the vampyre bat and the mad scientist guy please can u give us a guide on how to unlock them

  • MathGuy42

    I’ve unlocked all these, as well as Gothic Man and Gothic Woman. But I still have two blank spaces in the DLC Minifig bucket. I think I’ve got all of the Space minifigs. Anyone else with unknown blanks?

    • Reyblock

      There’s the vampire bat and the scientist man

      • MathGuy42

        Thanks. Found out from the Lego Worlds Wiki that Monster Scientist unlocks with code X29VTY. Anyone unlocked the Vampire Bat? He looks like Man-Bat from the Batman comics.

  • Tephlan

    I’ve gotten everyone listed too, but in the trailer and their marketing today direct from Lego Worlds, they show Mad Scientist guy and a clown with red baloons – I haven’t found either of them yet

    • Daniel Becker

      Clown with balloons is just the Vampire wearing the clown wig.

      • Tephlan

        Ahh, it went by so fast and i couldn’t slow it down to look closer – thanks! So, Now i’m only missing the mad scientist guy!

  • CW

    Hi, is anyone else having trouble with the Scientist code?
    I’ve tried putting in X29VTY but it says Code Invalid.

    • Spartan Wolf

      No caps

  • Randy

    I cant find the fire extinguisher in the monsters town for nintendo switch to wash away the goo. I have looked everywhere. Someone please help?????

    • Paul Haan

      Randy, I was just going through Monster town tonight (also on the Switch) on a quest to unlock the Spooky PUG-Z. I received the fire extinguisher as a reward for completing a mission. Unfortunately, I don’t recall which mission it was. Best I can say is keep doing the missions and one will more than likely be given to you.

  • Randy

    Thanks Paul. I still cant find it if anyone else knows exactly let me know. I have been trying everything in that level and just can’t find it. Also if anyone can tell me what is up with the purple beam that would be great as I can’t find anything connected to it.

  • Randy

    I found it. You have to spawn a firetruck and use the back.
    Can anyone tell me how to access or what to do with the purple beam? I see them and theres a red dot on the map but nothing there when i get close?????

  • Victor

    For some reason my switch doesn’t automatically download the free monster pack brick builds. Anyone got some tips or tricks on how to do this? I have legitimately gotten both DLC’s but I can’t seem to get those “Free” downloads.

    • Paul Haan

      Hi Victor. Those were only available for a limited time and were not part of the paid DLC. The monster builds were only available until December 13th. They will probably make another appearance at some point in the future. Emergency and NEXO Knights have both come back to the Brick Build Showcase after the initial period.

      Keep checking and eventually (hopefully), they will be back.