LEGO Worlds Nexo Knights Available Now!

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The first franchise update is available now for LEGO Worlds and it brings to life the awesome heroes and villains of Nexo Knights! The latest pack includes new characters, weapons, vehicles and builds for you play with! While we haven’t had a chance to dive into the content yet, LEGO Worlds has dropped a great new trailer which we have broken down for you below!

Check out all the new content from the latest update below:

Nexo Knights Heroes

This update includes five new Hero characters for you to play with, each with their own unique power up attack specific to these Nexo Knight characters! You will be able to play as Clay, Lance, Axl, Aaron & Macy! All five characters have unique weapon and armor pieces you can utilize in custom character builds and in game combat.

Nexo Knights Villains

What are Heroes without some Villains to face off against? The new gang of Knights will have their hands full with four new characters who love to be bad! Play as either Jestro or Ruina and fill the map with an army of Stomper and Gargoyle baddies to take on! Remember that Ruina’s big vehicle is already in the game as a secret unlockable vehicle (code below)!

Nexo Knights Vehicles

Three new awesome vehicles have been added into this update in addition to some of the existing Nexo Knight unlockables already in the game. You will be able to cruise around the worlds in:

  • The King’s Guard Artillery Battle Vehicle (from set 70347)
  • Macy’s Thunder Mace (from set 70319)
  • Hover Horse or Jet Horse (from set 70314 & 70316)

Reminder that you can also unlock these vehicles in game from the Nexo Knights already:

Nexo Knight Castle Build

From the main Brick Build Showcase you will be able to download and save to your build menu the huge awesome pieces of the castle build, allowing you to build a massive fortress for your Nexo Knights to defend! The pieces seem to consist of a central keep and outer wall segment that you can rotate and place to assemble a four walled castle!

Check out the full trailer for this new release here:

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  • daniel

    where can i find the knights?
    (i can only find axl in the fortress)

  • Rosiv

    But how to obtain all the Knights?
    I just got 2 by building both castle and wall.
    The “bad guys” I got all, especially by bulding the destroyed tower….
    But I am missing three of the Knights. Do you know how to obtain them?

    • daniel

      where did you get the wall?

    • Homer

      Get the baddies by building the ruin, get all from the keep and get the other knights when u build the walls plus vehicles. I also found an alien strike ship on a volcanic booms which fires rockets…..brilliant.

  • sekihan

    Knighton Castle appears to have five pieces, so keep checking the brick build showcase everyday. They’ve left a twitter feed teaser for an E3 announcement on June 13: “Where are we going next?”

  • sekihan

    Where is that last wall piece of the Knighton Castle? Four pieces down only one more to go…

  • sekihan

    We finally got the last Knighton Castle wall piece and a bonus E3 brick build on PS4.

  • Dalek_Kabu

    It says we can play as axl yet it won’t allow me on ps4?

  • legomaker

    they shod make a vehicle tool wear you can make your own car or plane.

  • sekihan

    According to LW twitter feed “Better get downloading folks! The free NEXO KNIGHTS content won’t be around forever…”, so this appears to be a limited time release on the brick build showcase.

  • J

    Ugh it says i have it all downloaded but wont give the castle pieces i go to build and it just loads and then my game giches

  • R

    I cant find any nexo knight building from brick build showcase. What i have to do

  • adam

    Where is the nexo knight castle???

  • denver

    I bought this game last Mont been going online ever day like it said no new showcases for the knights what’s the deal its pissing me off BC my kids want them

  • Trent H

    Are these still available? I can’t seem to find them. (PS4)

  • Khloe

    Nope. My kid downloaded some but not all pieces, seems like it only gives you some of the items. Very annoying. My daughter is upset. Typical of tt games to do this